Pill review – Orange AK47s

Pill Review: Orange AK47 circa December 2002

Availability: Malaysia
Pill color: Light orange with white blotches
Pill appearance: AK47 imprinted on one side/raised dome on the other side
Beveled?: Beveled edge on the dome side/none on the imprinted side
Other: Seems to be a nicely pressed pill, packed tightly
Price: RM 45
Substance: Not tested (I don’t have reagents here)
Probable substance: Ketamine

Forgive the poor quality of the side and back shots. It’s very time
consuming to get sharp close-up pictures without a scanner, so I only
bothered with the front (imprinted side) coz that’s where the detail is

Front view – has “AK47” imprinted

Side view – kinda looks like a bullet with its dome on one side

Back view – has a dome with a beveled edge

Trip report:
I crunched up the pill at 10:20 pm before heading to a Christmas Eve
countdown party with a couple of friends. The pill was only slightly
bitter with a strange salty undertang that made me retch more than a
couple of times. Ugh. I had a light meal about two hours ago and didn’t
feel the pill until about 45 minutes later. I didn’t even feel it
particularly strongly, I was still feeling slightly tired then. I
didn’t really feel speeded up, but had enhanced confidence and didn’t
feel like talking. I supplemented the pill with some alcohol and felt
really good after that. Danced for long time but didn’t feel
particularly speeded up (got tired easily) and by the end of the night
felt rather exhausted but I still danced anyway. It might have been a
bunk pill (had good company and alcohol so I would have had fun anyway)
or a weak ketamine pill. Another thing worthy of note is that I could
sleep about 6 hours after I dropped, so this is definitely not
(meth)amphetamines. The sleep was fitful, but restful. Sounds like a
contradiction, but it’s not. πŸ™‚ By the way, this pill was sold as a
“can sleep pill” (usually ketamine) as opposed to a “cannot sleep pill”
(amphetamines). Is it worth the money? I paid RM 45 (RM 40 – RM 50
seems to be standard for single pills around my part of town) for it so
I don’t think so. If it was a strong speed pill like the legendary green apples
(ching ping guo) circa 1997 it would have been worth it. I would not
have chosen a ketamine pill for a big night out. Had I know it was
ketamine, I would have insufflated (snorted) it for better returns.
Nevertheless, I had a great night anyway – the company of good friends
and a great party atmosphere, and that’s all that counts right? Merry
Christmas everyone.

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