Today as told by The Grouch

A rundown of things:

There was no countdown during New Year’s eve on the plane. No
special food. No nothing. I didn’t even know when we crossed into 2003.
Spending New Years Eve on a Malaysian Airlines plane = a bad idea.

I arrived here to find that the operations office is closed during
New Years day. Thus, I can’t get into my room coz the keys are issued
by the operations office. Luckily, the college head opened my door for
me so I could get into my room and didn’t have to spend the night at a

There are a total of 3 lights I can see in Roberts Hall. It’s empty and it’s lonely.

Optus barred my cell phone because I didn’t pay the previous month’s
bill. How could I pay when I was in Malaysia? Should have set up a
direct debit.

I gave myself hernia and my testicles withdrawed in protest when I
moved my 12 luggages and my monitor single handedly from the common
room to my room.

I don’t have a pillow. The cleaners neglected to leave one so I had to use a pillow case stuffed with laundry.

Travelex Worldwide Rechargable Phonecard is fucking useless. I was
told it was 10c to call back to Malaysia. There was only two choices of
calling cards at the airport – a Say G’Day and this one. I could only
talk for 5 minutes to a cell phone on an A$10 card. I still had A$1.30
in the card but apparently “I’m sorry. That is not enough to make a
call to the number you’re dailing. Would you like to recharge via
credit card?” Well, fuck you. Should have gone with the Say G’Day.

The dining room is closed until the 16th of January so the only things I’m gonna eat today are:
An Anzac biscuit from the vending machine
A small pack of Mexicano Doritos from the vending machine
A tube of Fruit-tella that makes me feel sad to eat

Good things:


At least someone cleaned my room while I was away.

I am online. Thank God for small miracles.

My apologies for the depressing post folks. It sucks to be back when everyone is still in Sibu.

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