Green AK47s on NYE


Pill Review: Green AK47 circa late December 2002

Availability: Malaysia
Pill color: Light green with dark green blotches
Pill appearance: AK47 imprinted on one side/doesn’t have a dome from what I remember
Beveled?: Not sure
Other: Solid pill, didn’t crumble well
Price: A gift from a friend
Substance: Not tested (I don’t have reagents here)
Probable substance: Methcathinone or ketamine/amphetamine combo

I apologize for the extremely poor quality of the picture. You can’t
really see shit, coz I didn’t actually plan properly to have a pill
tonight. I was planning to go to a party sober on New Year’s Eve.
Imagine that! 🙂 A friend of mine told me about this new batch of AK47s
which are green instead of orange. I’m not too enthusiastic about the
AK47s because of the poor quality of the orange ones, but another
friend who also hangs around pill-heads assured me that the green AK47s
are good stuff and totally unlike the orange ones, which are barely
Anyway, I didn’t pay for the pill (it cost the usual RM 45 though), it
was a gift from a dear friend. Thanks! You know who you are. 🙂 Anyway,
there were 4 of us, and we stopped by a street light to take a photo of
the pill before we went to a disco. The light conditions were not
favorable to macro shots so I just took a photo with flash and crunched
up the pill at 11:00 pm.
It tasted mild compared to the salty orange AK47s and I started feeling
an “alert” about 30 minutes after crunching up the pill. Three of us
were dropping, I took a whole pill and the other two girls shared a
pill and the last one was sober. It seemed to be very ketamine like at
first and I felt disorientated and slightly disassociated coming up
about 45 minutes later. I on a scale of Blur As Fuck™ from 1-10, 10
being the most blur, I felt like a 7.This was confirmed by the other
two, one of whom was driving and said she was feeling a bit too blur to
Anyway, we went to a disco and started to dance. I didn’t feel much
like dancing at first, didn’t have any energy and saw that my pupils
were slightly constricted (?) even though the disco was dark. The three
of us who dropped shared a beer and continued dancing. After an hour
had passed, I felt VERY energetic and speeded up. Heaps of energy and
you couldn’t pull me off the dance floor.
Unfortunately, 15 minutes after that, the sound was cut off and the
lights started coming on. Uh oh thought everyone and looked towards the
entrance. Sure enough, about 6 policemen with flashlights were coming
in. The four of us sat down together and stopped all movement. I did
felt my fingers unconsciously start tapping along to the music, but I
managed to control it. However one of our group starting rocking her
head again…geram-nya…:) Thanks goodness, the police weren’t there to
sapu (haul everyone in for mandatory urine drug tests) the place but to
“check for minors”. That’s what the manager of the disco told me and
said it was safe to continue with our amphetamine fuelled shenanigans.
I’m pretty sure some money changed hands at some point, but thank God,
the place wasn’t sapu-ed. Anyway, funny thing was, there was this other
girl who wasn’t part of our group and yet stood with us (facing us),
with her back to a pillar to avoid the police from spotting her. I’m
not sure that would have helped if there was a real sapu operation, so
I’m not sure what she was thinking?
Anyway, soon after the police left, we started to dance again, and I
didn’t stop moving until 4 hours later. I had a really, really good
night, lots of lip chewing (chewed it almost to bits), repetitive
movements and other Good Stuff associated with amphetamines. I didn’t
stop moving and chain smoked the whole night. The atmosphere was good
too, the place mostly plays Cantopop songs infused with a steady and
strong bass beat. Some people dis these places but I have to say, this
kind of places are the best places for amphetamine fun here compared to
the pretentious trance clubs.
Well, regarding sleep, I could sleep about 7 hours after I dropped but
it was a very, very fitful sleep and I kept on waking up and I wasn’t
really sure whether I even had any sleep at all. I didn’t have any
appetite the next day too, and I developed a persistent but hopefully
not permanent case of tinnitus from the extreme bass of the venue. I
swear, the volume was so loud you can hear the bass beats rush past
like a wind past your ears. Great fun for amphetamines, but not so good
for your aural health. I wasn’t tired the next day though, still had
some energy but I just took 2.5 mg of Xanax sublingually to help me get
some restful sleep tonight. I’m fairly certain this is a
ketamine/amphetamine combo pill and I must say I have to give it a
thumbs up. Green AK47s are great pills. Green = go!

Postnote: The crash was very bad, I’ll say more so than that
(meth)amphetamines. It seems sorta like an MDMA crash in that there was
severe depression (with anxiety) and a feeling of helplessness. I’m
still wondering whether the crash was associated with the pill or
because I stopped taking benzos after daily recreational use.
Nevertheless, cannabis didn’t do the trick, but some good ol’ caffeine
in me and I was feeling fine again. I’m starting to suspect that this
could be Methcathinone due to it’s effects. I’ll sure love to hear it
if anyone tested this with a reagent.

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