To default or not to default, that is the question…


I just received my cell phone bill which comes to a staggering
A$462.26. It seems that I have two unpaid bills from the past few
months which added to a total of A$366.11 and a bill for A$89.74 for
the November – December period. I don’t remember having that much in
unpaid bills. I thought I only had a A$195 (my highest bill yet) unpaid
bill so I don’t know where the other A$171 comes from, coz I distinctly
remember paying a bill before I came back. I’m thinking about
er…’defaulting’ on this bill since I’m going to graduate in July
anyway and I have another unused pre-paid SIM card from a different
operator (Telstra) that I can use should push comes to shove.
Anyway, to anyone who has done this before (on an Australian service
provider), what are the legal ramifications? They don’t have my account
number or anything like that, so I figured the most they’ll be able to
do is send letters threatening legal action, which they won’t actually
enforce, due to the number of defaulters each month. What do you think?

Nevertheless, a change in phone habits needs to be cultivated. I used
to call my girlfriend using a calling card and a public phone, coz
public phones have flat rates for local calls. I don’t have a house
phone coz the halls phone charges per minute as well, so every night I
end up using my cell phone to call because I didn’t want to take
another bath after using the germ infested public phones.
Those local calls to the calling card access number using a cell phone
can quickly add up, thus the large bills I’ve been getting recently.
Hmm…to default or not to default?

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