It is now my duty to completely drain you

I missed my supervisor meeting today. It was all good though,
because the supervisor wasn’t there too, due to some miscommunication
regarding the meeting. The only guy that turned up was one of my group
mates, the other one was sick. Heh.

Anyway, the reason I missed the meeting was due to the strange phenomenon where a USB cell phone charger will drain
the battery instead of charging it when the computer is off. How
interesting, I’ve only see this once, I haven’t replicated it, so I
don’t know if it works all the time or under certain circumstances only.

Well, I did set my alarm clock (I use my cell phone as my alarm)
before I went to sleep last night, but neglected to pull out the USB
charger (which connects to the USB port). When I woke up, the cell
phone battery was completely drained and I couldn’t even turn it on
until I recharged it. Strange huh?

Anyway, no harm done, we’ve rescheduled the meeting to Thursday instead.

Oh, I overheard two people conversing in Heng Hua while I was
walking from the Clayton train station today. I’m Heng Hua and I’ve
never heard that language used much over here.

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