I went to the ATM straight after my 8:15 am supervisor meeting and
was very relieved to see that my bank draft has finally cleared on the
6th day (I banked it in on Thursday). Gone are the days when I have to
survive solely on instant noodles! Anyway, I withdrew some money and
went to Coles to get some much needed groceries. Much of it is junk
food, as you can see. :) However, I did get some food items too, like
the steak pies and the 1kg bag of rice. I also got some laundry
detergent so I can finally get some laundry done. Anyway, I had wanted
to go to McDonalds to get some nice, solid food inside me, but it was
still early then and the breakfast menu was still on, so I just had an
egg and bacon McMuffin.

Today’s weather was very naughty. It hit 38 degrees in the
afternoon. :( I was half baked (and it wasn’t the good kind of half
baked too) and the heat still hasn’t dissipated from my room.
Thankfully, the mercury has dropped somewhat since then, but it’s still
pretty warm. Summer over here sucks, it can get much hotter than in
Malaysia and the dry weather makes you feel the heat just that much

Edit: Oh, it wasn’t a 38 degree summer after all…turns out to be 40.2 degrees! No wonder it felt so hot today. Read this [theage.com.au].

Link: Got the back to work blues? [theage.com.au]

Yes, yes I do indeed. This is part of the article:

“It’s a very real thing … the back to work blues is really
about people thinking they didn’t quite have enough of a holiday,” said
Dr Wilks, a professor of tourism, who is also a psychologist.

You pulled the words straight outta my mouth, buddy. I know everyone
is probably sick of hearing me say this already, but damn, it sucks
being in Melbourne when most students are still in Malaysia, about to
celebrate Chinese New Year with all the traffic jams and the reunions
and the visiting and the CNY songs and the firecrackers and everything.
I don’t even want to think about what I’m missing.

It would be great if I had a 4 month holiday though, I can usually
stretch my summer holidays to 4 months if my exam timetables are
aligned right. It’ll be nice to come back for a 3 month semester and
then graduate, coz then I’ll be thinking I don’t have enough time here
in Melbourne to visit all the attractions I still haven’t visited
instead of thinking about what I’m missing back in Sibu. :) I have
missed celebrating Chinese New Year in Sibu too many times…just too
many times.

Link of the day: Cannabis: The good oil on Jesus [theage.com.au]

Heal me.

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