No recess

I’ve just attended my first day of summer school. I’m taking a
summer semester subject – the intensive kind that finishes the
coursework in 3 weeks so I’ll be in class from 2 pm – 5 pm everyday.
It’s BUS3650 Business Applications of Neural Networks, which I am
taking as an elective. From what I see, it seems to be a fairly easy
class, so no worries about this one. The exam for this paper is on the
5th of February, so there is no chance I’ll be coming home for Chinese
New Year even if I didn’t have Industrial Experience to contend with.
Speaking of which, I have a supervisor meeting tomorrow at 8:15 am.
I’ll better get the stuff sorted for tomorrow’s meeting. It sucks to
miss Chinese New Year. I hear the CNY mood is pretty good in Sibu, what
with all the out of town people coming back and clogging up our
traffic. :)

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