No Optus

Has anyone ever heard of cell relay stations going down? A couple of
minutes ago my monitor was flickering like an SMS or call is about to
come through. I put my cell phone next to the monitor because I have my
headphones on when I’m using the computer and I need to know when I
have calls coming in. The monitor flickering (electromagnetic
disturbance?) is the best ring tone ever. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m digressing. My phone was causing the monitor to flicker
because it’s actively searching for a station. The station I use when
I’m home is the Clayton North one. I know because cell phone companies
here have this feature that displays the station you’re using (and thus
the area you’re in) on the cell phone display instead of the operator

Well, it was searching for a signal just now and ended up displaying
SOS Calls Only. I turned it on and off and it still couldn’t get a
signal, but after 5 minutes, it showed the Oakleigh South station with
a very low signal strength (because its further away than the Clayton
North one). It’s back to Clayton North now, but I just thought it was
interesting that happened. Hmm…yes, I’m bored. Okay, back to work.

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