Almost heaven, West Virginia

Good news! I have wonderful news! The issue with my CSE3153 Network
Administration subject, which marks were withheld because my
assignments were somehow lost, has been resolved! I resubmitted the
assignments (which was why I was up all night yesterday) and have
gotten word that I’ll get a Credit for the subject! I did correctly
predict my expected marks [] after all. Wonderful news by itself, but wait…when it rains, it pours! =D

Remember that I failed my summer semester subject? The BUS3650
Business Applications of Neural Networks one? Yeah, I got a 45, which
is a Fail. I’ve been talking to my course coordinator, Sylvia Tucker
who has been extremely helpful and I ended up getting a Near Pass. A
Near Pass is considered a pass and counts towards the credit points so
that’s good news indeed! I don’t have to re-take any subjects and I’m
taking a normal workload this semester. Many thanks to Sylvia and also
my lecturer Kate Smith for making this happen. Anyone notice the
abundance of hyperbolic adjectives in this post? It’s because I’m
absolutely st0ked! =D


Life is peachy…

Yeah, I bought a nectarine at Coles before I came back just to add
that “Life is peachy” sentence and a peach picture in the post. It cost
me 81 cents if you’re interested to know. I was anticipating that
things will resolve itself this way, and it sure did! πŸ™‚ Ah…the 81
cents wasn’t spent in vain. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I didn’t get any sleep last night, but I’m still alright. I
actually spent more time doing other things than my assignment last
night. I spent 2 hours at McDonalds with my buddies and ended up
surfing a whole lotta blogs and making comments here and there. I only
rallied up and started working seriously at 3 am. Heh! It’s all good,
everything is resolved now and I can finally get into my last semester.

Well, there’s another thing, I also received word from my IE client
Jason Ceddia that we’re passing the subject for sure, although the
grade is still unknown. Rains. Pours. =D Anyway, tell you about my
day…went to uni early in the morning to print out my stuff and
discovered that my account was locked because there is one unpaid
subject. I have paid for the whole year last June but I didn’t know IE
was considered as two subjects, so I have to pay for an extra subject.

Anyway, that’s okay, gonna pay everything tomorrow so my account
will be unlocked again. Good thing my halls net access is still online.
Well, since I couldn’t use the computers in uni to print out my stuff,
I went to see Ashley (my IE supervisor) and he kindly allowed me to use
his computer and his staff printer to print out my stuff. It has just
been a good day for me, everything is falling into place nicely. πŸ™‚

Yeah, anyway, I can take an elective from any faculty this semester.
I’ve done most of my 3rd year CSSE (Computer Science and Software
Engineering) electives so I’ve got some free electives stashed away. I
was very, very interested to take this:

BNS3052 Drugs, brain and altered awareness []

An excerpt:

Clinical, prescribed and recreational drugs are discussed in
regard to their modes of action on brain cells, the regions of brain
targeted and their effects on cognition and behavior.

What an interesting elective to take! It’s from the Faculty of
Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences and I would have really enjoyed
doing this subject. I mean really enjoyed it, instead of thinking of it
as uni work, I’ll be willing to spend heaps of personal free time on
it. I reckon I would do well in it too…;)

Well, too bad it’s only offered in the second semester, and it’s the
first semester now. πŸ™ Too bad, that would have been a very interesting
subject to take. Another interesting one is:

CGP1004 Alcohol and drugs []

An excerpt:

Management of withdrawal and brief and long term management
strategies are discussed in relation to alcohol, nicotine,
benzodiazpine, opiates, stimulants, cannabis and other drugs.

They misspelled benzodiazepine. It has an ‘e’. Don’t mean to be the
Spelling Nazi, but this is pretty basic to get wrong. This subject
sounds slightly anti-drug compared to the previous one, which sounded
neutral and more interested in research than moral issues. Oh well,
it’s a second semester subject as well, so there’s no point drooling
over this. I can’t take it coz it’s the first semester now! I would
have loved to take the first one though, I would have enjoyed working
on that one indeed! I’ll be interested to do some research (in the name
of science of course, what were you thinking?) on whether high doses of
methamphetamine actually causes the irreversible degeneration of
dopamine receptors and dopamine transporter loss. πŸ˜‰

Ah yes…I lost my train of thought.

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