Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #3 – Peace Man Go

Peace Man Go. It’s the third one in the series, not sure if it has
any significance aside from the obvious Peace Man catchphrase of the
60s. Today is 33 degree Celsius weather and this ice cream really hit
the spot. πŸ™‚ The Magnum is heart shaped, with a white chocolate shell
and a delicious and refreshing mango center. Mmm…what a thing to eat on
a hot day…

This is the cover:


A dove carrying a mango with psychedelic swirls behind it.

This is the back:


All we are saying is give mango a chance – a chance as chocolate, a chance as ice cream. Yeah man, peace, like, mango.

This is the Magnum:


Heart shaped! You can’t really see that coz I bit the left part off.
πŸ™‚ White chocolate shell with a nice mango center. Really refreshing on
a hot day.

This is the stick:


Lick man, don’t bite.

Anyway, I finally got a pillow today. =D I didn’t have one since the
start of the semester and was using a pillow case stuffed with clothes
instead. Slept the hot afternoon away on a fluffy pillow today. Ah…my
neck thanks me. πŸ™‚

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