Bi-Lo in disarray

I went out this afternoon for some grocery shopping and also to hunt
down the remaining ice creams in The Sixties Nine collection with
Adrian. It seems that the line is not available in the big grocery
chains like Coles or Bi-Lo but only in small convenience stores and the
stores in petrol stations. Not only that, it also seems that each store
has only part of the lineup so you have to hunt around a bit to get the
whole series. I’ve gotten 8 of them so far (picked up Jami Hendrix
today), and there’s only one last one to finish my collection. πŸ™‚


Well, saw something interesting in the meat section of Bi-Lo today. Nice and lumpy ox kidneys.

It also seems that Bi-Lo (Clayton) is doing some heavy staff
pruning. Only two checkout counters are open, the deli section doesn’t
have a dedicated sales person, and there are heaps of weird stuff in
the aisles! You know how people take something and then decided they
don’t want it and conveniently put it out of order at any aisle they’re
currently in? Yeah, there’s heaps of that going around. Juice in the
detergent aisle and stuff like that. I also saw:

An empty wrapper of crisps beside a box of Special K.
A half empty McDonald’s soft drink cup in the sauces aisle.
A 6 pack of pies that someone had poked their fingers through the packaging and even one of the pies, revealing the meat inside.
An eaten yogurt cup in the dairy food section.

Tsk…I was under the impression that the Bi-Lo in Clayton is about to go under.

Anyway, what is up with all the calling cards? Indo Card, Go
Bananas, GPS and several others can’t be used to call Malaysia for the
past few days! Today is the third day I’ve been unable to call out. I’m
not the only one either, everyone using the cards couldn’t call
Malaysia. The error message is always either “The number you have
called is disconnected” or “The overseas network is currently down”. I
tried calling Telstra customer services at 1221 and they said their
cards were fine, so I’m gonna get a Say G’Day one tomorrow. Sheesh, wtf
is up with all the other cards…

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