500 mg dexamphetamine + 200 mg clonazepam = success!

Disclaimer: This post and all other drug related posts is made by veritas, who is a guest author on this blog. The owner of this domain is not responsible for the posts made by any guest authors.

Today’s haul: Stimulants and tranquilizers in a single day. Hmm…both
of them are white tablets, I hope I don’t mix them up when I put them
back. Taking dexamphetamine when you’re expecting a benzodiazepine or
vice versa would be unfortunate indeed.

I had a successful run today. πŸ™‚ I got 100 x 2 mg Paxam (clonazepam)
and 100 x 5 mg dexamphetamine tablets. The first visit was to the Benzo Messiah
[sixthseal.com], where I claimed that the “pills didn’t feel right and
I found out that I was actually taking 2 mg ones instead of 0.5 mg
ones”. Guess what the doctor said? He just said okay, and took out his
script pad! Amazing. You know what’s even more amazing? He said:

“So what was it you were taking again? Xanax?”

My mind went into overdrive. Here’s what my thought process was:

100 x 2 mg of Xanax!
200 mg of Xanax! Say Yes, for Christ’s sake, say Yes!
But wait…I need Klonopin to sleep after a dexamphetamine run…clonazepam makes me sleep but alprazolam doesn’t.
Stupid! Xanax is much more euphoric! Say YES!
Yeah, it’s more euphoric, but it doesn’t make me sleepy. How will I manage amphetamine comedowns?
It’s Xanax! The doctor is offering to script you 100 x 2 mg Xanax bars! Have you finally tweaked yourself stupid???
But 200 mg of Xanax…I’m not sure I’m responsible enough to handle that. Xanax withdrawal is hell.
Who cares? Euphoria buddy, fucking euphoria…couple of beers,
couple of Xanax bars, couple of bowls of weed…think man, think about
the fun times!

Say Yes

(all this happened in milliseconds)

“Nah, it was clonazepam”, I said


100 x 2 mg clonazepam tablets (Paxam)

It’s true that Xanax (alprazolam) is much more euphoric than
Klonopin (clonazepam) but I’ve learnt to respect Xanax after taking up
to 5 mg daily with alcohol during my last holiday. Benzodiazepine
withdrawals are bad, especially with Xanax since it has such a short
half life. Just one month of daily use fucked me up for days when I
stopped. I can’t even imagine how bad it is for people who’ve used it
at higher doses and longer periods of times. I have a good friend who’s
on it for years (legitimate prescription for anxiety and panic attacks)
and I can’t even imagine how bad the withdrawal would be for her when
she wants to taper off.

Well, those of you who’ve taken benzos regularly at high doses for
prolonged periods and then stop suddenly know what I’m taking about.
It’s hard to explain benzo withdrawals to the uninitiated. There’s the
ultra-heightened anxiety and recurring obsessive thoughts and panic
attacks. There’s also the possibility of seizures if you’ve been on it
long enough, but that usually take months or years of heavy use. It’s a
wonder that a legitimate pharmaceutical drug produces worse physical
and psychological withdrawals than most illegal drugs. I don’t trust
myself with 200 mg of Xanax, so that’s why I told the truth and said it
was clonazepam. πŸ™‚

The 2 mg clonazepam tablets are white, with “CN2” imprinted on the front, and a dual score at the back

“Okay”, went the good doctor and scripted me and I was out within 2
minutes. 200 mg of clonazepam can cause a lot of trouble too, but I’m
not going to take it daily, my new policy is for it to be a weekend
thing when drinking or for comedowns only.

All hail the Benzo Messiah!

The next trip was to Doctor Dexamphetamine. Very hassle free as
well. I haven’t told you the story behind this, so I’ll give you an
abbreviated version now about what happened last time. Basically, I
just went in and claimed I have been on Dexedrine (a brand name of
dexamphetamine) since I was 19. I didn’t say dexamphetamine because I
wanted to avoid using the word ‘amphetamine’. πŸ™‚

If you’re wondering what dexamphetamine is and why it’s so good,
it’s because it’s speed. Legally prescribed speed. πŸ™‚ This is the same
thing you get off the streets in the form of powder and pills (like
some of the feng tau yuen pills that makes you unable to sleep, though
that can contain either methamphetamine or amphetamine) and it’s pure
and clean because it’s made by a pharmaceutical company instead of a
dodgy chemist. πŸ˜‰

Made very locally by Sigma Pharmaceuticals at 1408, Center
Road, Clayton (!) I’ve seen their production facility before too. Won’t
I love to go on a tour of their labs.

Anyway, I’m digressing, this is what I told the doctor the first time I went there:

I said I was diagnosed with narcolepsy (it’s a condition where you
suddenly fall asleep, occasional temporary paralysis etc) and excessive
daytime sleepiness and I was prescribed dexamphetamine to manage that.
I told him I usually get my script filled in Malaysia and bring enough
for the whole semester, but unfortunately customs confisticated my
stash because I didn’t have an Australian doctor’s prescription.

The doctor considered my story and then decided I was telling the
truth. πŸ™‚ It really helped that I looked half asleep that day. I didn’t
get much sleep the night before in anticipation for that. I told him
that I thought I could do without it, but it’s really affecting my
studies and I’ve been sleeping 14 hour days and falling asleep in
lectures etc. He asked me what my symptoms were, which of course I knew
because I’ve been reading up on narcolepsy. I never forget the mantra: Always do your research! πŸ˜‰ He scripted me 100 x 5 mg dexamphetamine tablets and off I went.

That was about a month ago. I went back again today and the doctor
just wrote me a script without any hassles, though he did a bit of
calculation in his head to see if I was due for the script. πŸ™‚ He went,
“Yeah it’s been 25 days”. I tentatively asked if it was wise to
increase the dosage, which was a mistake, because I was hit with a
barrage of questions after that. πŸ™‚

He asked me a lot of questions about why I wanted do that. I said I
was still feeling sleepy at times and he re-asked me my symptoms on
narcolepsy which I thankfully managed to answer despite being partially
memory-incapacitated from my heavy benzo use these couple of days.
Anyway, he didn’t get suspicious, thank God for that! You hear me God?
Thanks for that, I owe you one buddy! πŸ™‚

How I wish both bottles were full instead of just one

Anyway, he wrote me a script and asked me how much it costs. It’s
A$30.35 for 100 tablets and the doctor said it’s expensive and asked me
how much it cost in Malaysia. I was caught by surprise by the
unexpected question, and made up a figure. Sheesh, I should be more
prepared next time. Well, after thanking the doctor profusely (I think
I thanked him a little too profusely) I made my way to the pharmacy to
get my dex script filled.

Tell you a funny thing that happened there. I got my script filled
by the pharmacist and went to the counter to pay for it. The girl at
the counter, who’s about my age, took one look at the bottle and gave
me a grin and asked me what it’s for. I said it’s for my narcolepsy.
She went “Oh, that’s terrible” and gave me a huge grin. I think she
somehow knew I was a scripter. Instinct from a fellow scripter?

She asked me some questions about my ‘condition’ and made small talk
and was really friendly, all the time looking at the bottle lovingly.
After I paid, she gave me a knowing wink and said “Have a nice day”. I
didn’t wink back because this is after all a pharmacy and even though
the cashier isn’t the pharmacist and is just working there, being
indiscreet might jeopardize my scripting activities. I just smiled and
said “You have a nice day too”. She knew what was going on though. For some reason, she just knew. Heh. πŸ™‚

Well there I go again with my verbal diarrhea. You know I’m tweaking
when I go on like that. πŸ™‚ It’s like dexamphetamine is my muse and I
use it to complete assignments and work too. I think some form of
psychological dependence is happening here. I’ll be careful though, so
don’t worry about me. πŸ™‚

Link of the Day: Iraq’s WMD: How Big a Threat? [time.com]

He added that Iraq’s exotic weapons programs also involved the use
of psycho-tropic agents similar to LSD. “They were not meant to kill,
just incapacitate, confuse,” says the inspector.

Book me a plane ticket to Iraq straight away! πŸ˜‰

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25 thoughts on “500 mg dexamphetamine + 200 mg clonazepam = success!”

  1. Hi Huai Bin,
    Don’t you think we should sue the drug companies,
    the doctors and the government as well for
    legalizing this drug.
    I’ve been on tapering from Clonezepam for 5 months
    now and the withdrawal effect is very horrible.

  2. Nizam: Erm…sorry buddy, I’m not with you on this one. We go in knowing full well that benzodiazepines are addictive and shouldn’t be prescribed for more than 2-4 weeks.
    If we take it longer than that, especially short acting benzos like Xanax, we have no one to blame but ourselves. πŸ™‚
    Clonazepam is a great benzo, IMHO. Clonazepam and diazepam (Rivotril and Valium) are the two BEST benzos to taper off from a nasty Xanax (alprazolam) habit or any other short acting benzos.
    To be honest, clonazepam saved my life once…OD on methamphetamine, hypertensive crisis, brain felt like it was bursting out of my skull from a rather generous injection of meth, shovelled god knows how much 2 mg clonazepam (must have been 50 or more pills) before calling an ambulance, it brought my heart rate and BP down so I didn’t die.
    I can’t talk shit about something that saved my life bro…besides, everyone knows benzos are addictive. Yes, the withdrawal is horrible, but bro, we go in with all eyes open, and we doctor shop (assumptions here) so it’s no one’s fault but ourselves. πŸ™‚

  3. I have a question…i have a prescription for dexamphetamine here in Australia for ADHD although im primarily looking to help get through my assignments with it. How much should I dose to be productive? I’m finding that a lower doses 5-7.5mg i dont feel much and still procrastinate and at higher doses i tend to get distracted and continue surfing thet net compulsively instead of doing work.
    Any ideas how I can use it to get more focused and get over procrastination? Im not sure if methylphenidate (ritalin) might be a better option for me? The high of dex reminds me too much of those speed pills (sold as supposedly MDMA) and puts me in that kind of chilled out mood instead of focussed on work. Any suggestions buddy? I first encountered ur blog about 5 years ago..im back now. hehe

  4. Me: Hmm…that is a very difficult question to answer since I don’t know your rolerance level. From your comment, I’ll go 3-4 tabs (15 – 20 mg).
    Compulsive behavior is common for amphetaminines. The trick is to stop procastinating and get on with your work and I garuntee you you’ll be fucking productive. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for reading, long time reader. πŸ™‚
    BTW, Ritalin sucks, can’t compare to pure dextro isomer amphetamine – the best legal stimulant in Aussie. Meth is kinda legal too but you’ll have to shit bricks to get it.

  5. Thanks for your reply! πŸ™‚ Yeah you can definitely call it compulsive! lol…I just keep getting distracted to other stuff instead of to other work…I wish I could compulsively do work..lol. Btw, do you know that you can get a bottle of 100 of those babies here in Aus now for just 13$ from discount pharmacies?? Haha heaps down from those days of 45 bucks eh? πŸ˜‰

  6. Me: You can channel it for work purposes…all you need to do is get started on it when you eat these babies. Just get on it, without any pause (except perhaps to put some appropriate music like Lab4 on).
    AUD 13!!11111 THAT IS INSANE!
    1 grams of pure speed for about RM 50.
    I wish I was living in Melbourne now. πŸ™

  7. Haha, that’s right, 13$. Crazy eh?
    So I did manage to get work done, like you said, just need to get started on work somehow and then pop em rather than waiting to feel it and then trying to do work. But STILL, the problem is if I am distracted at any point, then there is a good chance, that i will allow myself to be distracted for a VERY long time! lol.
    Oh Infact I am seeing my psychiatrist pretty soon…he did talk about an Extended Release version. Considering I do not hv much of real ADHD (except serious procrastination n disorganisation), which do you think would be more conducive for getting work done, the IR version or the extended release version?
    Are you on msn by any chance?

  8. Me: Hey, good to hear that. Yeah, I know, it’s VERY easy to get distracted on dexamphetamine.
    Hmm…since you have an actual ADHD problem, I would choose ER instead of IR. IR is for recreation. πŸ˜‰
    My MSN is hbpoh@hotmail.com

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  15. Needing drugs like dexamphetamine for a psychiatric disorder is hard (side effects, exacerbating other conditions, risks e.g. of mood disorders or even psychosis, adjusting the doses). You’re lucky that you’re fine without them.


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