Crossing t's and dotting i's


This is how my blog looks like in Netscape 4.7. teddybwear
[] sent me this screenshot today. It’s very bizarre seeing
an ICQ message with my nick flashing in a screenshot, I felt like my
body was somehow switched or something. =D I know there’s something
very wrong with the templates but I never got around to fixing it
because it works fine in IE 6 and that’s what most people are using
anyway. :) I’m just lazy. Anyway, I got around to hunting down the
problem and found out that I wasn’t crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s.
Most pages were missing the closing “html” tag and most “div” tags
weren’t being closed too. I think I got all of them so it should be
displaying properly on other browsers now. I’ve also added an About
page to the sidebar since I’m pretty much brain dead from lack of sleep
and I can’t concentrate on my programming assignment. Sleep beckons

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68 thoughts on “Crossing t's and dotting i's

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