Stop the press!

Note: This is a post by veritas.

OMG, I just found a cure for ‘speed dick’ aka “I can’t get it up
when I’m tweaking, dammit!”. I just saw several photos of a really hot
chick which provoked an instant response of mind blinding lust.
=D I’m not at liberty to share the photos (you don’t know what you’re
missing!) so unfortunately I can’t show you the tantalizing images that
provokes thoughts of pure desire and lust for the subject. I fear that
photographic media will never arouse me again after this. I’ll be
subconsciously comparing other photographs against the ones I was
privileged to see today and all will fall short. I had previously
thought I’ve gained a particular ‘tolerance’ towards photographic media
as a visual arousal cue, but I was wrong. I’ve can’t remember the last
time I’ve been so stimulated just by looking at a photo!

The first glance produced a nearly uncontrollable state of arousal
although my mind still hasn’t registered and processed the components
of the image yet. It was a Pavlov reaction in that sense, I was
terribly aroused, but I didn’t know why, because my neurons have yet to
translate the visual input into a cohesive image. These are truly
amazing photos of a really beautiful girl. It just did the trick for
me, and then it was “Houston, we have liftoff”. The fact that the
pictures alone overcame the seldom talked about side-effect of
amphetamines certainly was interesting and deserves mention.

Granted, the subject of the photos is very sexually
appealing, but the amphetamine induced er…contraction of that
particular organ isn’t very easy to overcome either and that makes this
a case where excessive use of hyperbolic adjectives is warranted. ;)
I’m still looking at the photos now, and I’m feeling another rush of
blood to my loins as I visually devour her feminine features – the
alluring face, with eyes that seem to stare straight at me, the lovely
shade of wispy brown hair falling beautifully around her, and I’m
hypnotized by her soft, smooth skin and I long for just a taste of her
tender, perfect legs and in my fantasy, I am gently parting her supple,
yielding legs and indulging in her essence while she exhales softly and
reaches out for me…

Okay, now writing all that made me need a really cold shower again. ;) I think I’ll better crash the benzo tea party
[] and eat every single one of the guests now (except
dexamphetamine, of course – he wasn’t invited anyway). It’s getting
late and sleep is still far from my dopamine saturated brain. Now that
I think of it, I haven’t eaten anything in days. Oh well, I’ll just get
some food in me when I wake up. I’m still very much awake and charged
up, so do your magic, alprazolam, and lead me down the path where
reality is dreaming and the land is abundant with Zzz…

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