Magic mushrooms – Psilocybe subaeruginosa (1.5 g, dried)


This is psilocybe subaeruginosa – a species of psychoactive mushroom
that only grows in Australia. I’m glad to have the chance to experience
this particular strain of magic mushroom coz it doesn’t seem to grow in
Malaysia. I read that the dosage of fresh psilocybe subaeruginosa is
much higher than the few small ones we found that day so I didn’t eat
those. However, I have 1.5 grams of dried psilocybe subaeruginosa
courtesy of chemist tip’s (not his real name) generosity.


Substance: Psilocybe subaeruginosa (dried)
Dosage: 1.5 grams

I’m consuming the magic mushrooms on an empty stomach (last meal –
20 hours ago). The mushrooms are all caps, without the stems. I chewed
it up real good and held it in my mouth for about 10 minutes. I was
warned that it tastes really bad so I should powder it up or something.
It doesn’t taste bad at all! On the contrary, it tastes rather
delicious! The taste is fragrant and aromatic, it reminded me of
shitake mushrooms. It tastes like dried shitake mushrooms too. I didn’t
have any problems consuming it as is, I liked it actually. Great taste
and texture! 🙂


Trip Log:

felt about 30 minutes later
shadows say a lot about things
in darkness, shadows are amazing. they really do say a lot.
some are spooky, some are nice
visual disturbance = mostly shadows and color inverting (slight)
like suddenly a red thing on a yellow background will become a yellow
thing on a red background. it lasts for a while and then stops and the
starts. goes away when focused hard. only happens in bright light

i find myself attracted to simple things, like a bug flying about,
for half a sec, i seriously considered that it’s dancing to the music
i’m listening to. 🙂 it flies around based on the beat of the music

mild “darkness” not refering to light here
heightened sensitivity to everything – cold, hunger, pain and aches etc
thought process difinately altered
also more body load
quite high or either i’m imagining it, part of psychedelic experience
prob the latter
weakness in legs, heavynes in head, muscle sore eveywhere
feelsl ike my whole body is sore 🙂 but thats a frequent feeling i
have, mostly after long tweak sessions, just came off one, prob not
related to shroom

“breathing” hallucinations like lsd
visual distortion like things are breathing
oh fuck i lauged out loud as i saw a cev
now i can’t stop laughing
the cev i saw was the pattern of a cupboard – the wood pattern morphing,
its very fucking amazing !!!! the visual effect is very consistant, and its ALWAYS THERE. doesn’t go away if you look away.
it looks like the wood patterns is flowing, like a waterfall, from the
top down. and then up again…no, no ups, its all flowing down, just
looked like it was up at a point, like when you look at wawterfalls.
very consistant and amazing…open eyed visuals, looks like the wood is
constantly morphing and flowing.
only that cupboard behaves that way, i suspect its coz of the pattern,
it makes the visuals very nice. other objects don’t display this level
of visual distortion
alll the wood distortions happened in bright light

amazing closed eyed visuals geometric pattern
thought process altered like lsd, dunno how to descibe this er.. you’re thinking differently when compared to normal reality

veryy visual too, notice the various visual distortions- morphing, breathing etc just to name a few

it feels like lsd
very visual though

i keep getting confused about whether i’m keeping this for myself or for posting
i don’t kno
w if that makes sense
it doesn’t to me 🙂

promotes laughter 🙂
like marijuana in that sense

trip ended at 3 hour point (at least most of the effects went away) so i smoked mj and had some beer + food

The most impressive visual of that night was this:



This doesn’t do it justice though, the effect is continuous, and the
pixilation was smoother and the effect is “transparent”, not like this
blending representation. My Photoshop skills are not sufficient to do
an artist’s depiction of the visual. Sorry. 🙂 But it was a great
visual, the best of the night.

Note: Neither I nor CT possess any mushrooms (fresh, dried or
otherwise). This post describes events that have already happened and
thus is in the past.

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  13. Hi, I’m from Kuching Sarawak. How would one know if a particular species of mushroom found here has hallucinogenic properties?

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  14. I stay in kl and am looking for a while now to try these Psychoactive mushrooms, but was unlucky to get my hands on them…. Any help would be appreciated…:)

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  21. You get this mushrooms in kodaikanal. It was really hosom. Dont miss it. Better first time u take it in day time. Then if you are comfortable take it in night and count the stars in the sky.


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