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Photo Friday – Packaging []

Packaging. Hello, I’m doing the Photo Friday this week. πŸ™‚ I’ll try
to use the same format just for consistency’s sake. Pictured above is a
point of powdered ketamine hydrochloride packaged in foil. It was taken
with just the monitor’s ambient glare, and that tinted everything blue.
I found the shade of blue very pleasant. The use of the word point as a measurement unit seems to be isolated to Australia. 1 point = 100 mg/0.1 gram.

Infected Mushroom – None Of This Is Real []
(right click, save target as)
[6:25 minutes 128 KBPS STEREO 44.1KHZ 5.87 MB .mp3]

[Edit: MP3 deleted]

This isn’t real…none of this is real…

The shooting data:

Focal Length: 8 mm
Exposure Mode: Programmed Auto
Metering Mode: 1/3.7sec – f/2.8
Sensitivity: Auto
White Balance: FV-1 (Optimized for florescent light, which was probably why it came out so blue)

The post-production work was done in Photoshop 7.0 and involves:

Image Size: Size reduced to 500×375.

[Edit: Uploaded MP3]

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