Mini Binge Draft: v.beta

<p>This is a post by <a href=””>veritas</a>.</p>

<p>I wote this while still very under the influence and try as I want
to, I cannot simply provide resoanably understandable phrases while in
this mindstate. Plus, I took a heavy dose of benzodiazepines and theire
siren calls are irresistible, try as hard as I could. That was
originally the plan – I hae tweaked for a few days so today ios the
time to stop…except I ended up having classic ideas like taking LSD
(acid) at 5am the morning. Hehe! If I knoew I wasn’t gonnabe this
tired, I’ll have been out. So here’s the very dubious draft, read at
your own risk, sinlight just looks so beautiful on a low 1 blotter dose
of acid. I amazed that that all the insufflated meth couldn’t keep me
from sleeping. The acid too, visuals look great in the daytime , it’s a
small dose, but its great. I’ll tell you more tomorrow, Too sleepy not
to saything except food. And fractals. Anyway, I’m stopping here and
I’ll post a photo up so it isn’t all tes.t I can’t think coherently
now, but check back tomorrow and I’ll have posted a nether post with
all the pirctures and when I’m sober enough to write. Bye nite…and you
can have a read at the really rough draft starting here:</p>

<p><img alt=”msysleep.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”263″ width=”350″><br>
Intrigues by this picture? Have you been subject to sleepless nights
because you wonder what that picture is. Well , check ack tomorrow and
all will be clear! I did take a lot of pics of substances b ut nah
can’t postm them today toooosleepy. I had something to say but I forgot
it again like usual. Fuck.</p>

<h3>Idiot warning: Please refrain from reading because there’s an idiot writubg (though not intentionally.</h3>
<h2>Final warning: Drug retard’s journal. Not recommended for reasing</h2>
Oh man, even typing that out made me have to think for a long to to get
that thought out. I should probably put a caution here: This post will
endoubtadly lead in an appropriate degress of respect, but in my
defence, some stuff have been sitting in the drawer for AGES and I
never had an urge to touch them (except for dex/meth). I don’t know why
I’m at the first paragraph again, will go down and find the one I
posted in last and I’m going to put an idiot waitning on top.
<p><b>Substances: </b><br>
Day 1 – Day 6<br>
Methamphetamine <br>
Dextroamphetamine (Dexamphetamine, Dexedrine)<br>
Day 3 or 4 or 5  <br>

<p>Ketamine = early this morning (or was it last night?) time just loses it’s meaning when you stay up a while.<br>
Bendodiazepines (clonazepam, diazepam)<br>
Salvia Divinorum (Diviner’s Sage)<br>
Cannabis (marijuana)<br>
95% alcohol…I think that’s what made me so drowsy wit the benzo doses I just look. I’m having a bizzzare feeling now./<br>
Mushrooms! =D</p>

<p><b>Caution: </b> This post might be offensive to three different people<br>1.
Who have been brainwashed by government propaganda into thinking “Drugs
are bad mmmkay?” The scond group that might be displeased is the harm
reduction organizations, who’s work and time towards the cause have
always been appreciated! To them I say, my apologies for contributing
to the image of irresponsible use. To the first group I say, get your
fucking ass out of your head because eat food – shit comes out – eat
shit ad nauseum is not a healthy way to life. I’ll also like to mention
that I’m not the most responsible drug user out there, so please do not
take my comments as representative of a larger group. If you do, I
suggest that a refresher course in university might do you a world of
good to keep things in perspective.<br>
<b>Background:</b> Taking methamphetamine/dextroamphetamine for 6 days
straight. Today is the sixth day. I wanted to comedown yesterday but
thatfunny ketamine kept me awake and so here I an,I would love tell you
about the..tius is like a really bad movie but I seriously forgot again.<br>
<b>Substances: </b></p>

<p>It’s the end of the semester some more!!!!! I felt so tired after my
5 day run without food and sleep (got some on the sixth night, yum
drowisnes alernt, oh and I’m going to pass out right now I’m so sleepy!</p>

<p><b>Anyway substances taken:</b> methamphetamine (meth) <b>I’LL STOP
that’s giving up, I will resist the URGE to sleep and I promise I’ll
get this done pictures and all (although shoddiness is garunteed) </b>now iE TONIET., dextroamphetamine (Dexidrine instant release), diazepam (Valium),</p>

Note: er…somehow this post didn’t survive the server move, but the final post did</p>

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