I was harassed by a gang!

This is a post by veritas.

…of old people, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less dangerous. 🙂
There were 10 of them, and we all know that groups of more than 3
people congregating in public means it’s a gang. Anyway, after a couple
of Valiums (diazepam) and quite a few cones of cannabis, I headed down
to McDonald’s with my friends with the intent of eating at least 3 full
sized burgers, large fries, large Coke, McFlurry and a dessert. I was
rather sedated though, and had quite a bit of trouble communicating my
order…I keep forgetting what she said. Heh! Well, I started
photographing the burgers, and this old man from the next table said:

“Whatcha doing mate?”

in a tone I (mistakenly or not) construed as hostile. Okay, it’s not
nice to be disrespectful to the elderly but I wasn’t sure that the tone
was friendly or hostile under the haze of cannabis and benzodiazepines,
and after appropriate analysis of his facial expression (though like I
said, it’s hard to tell) I decided it was not a friendly greeting, so I
replied in a similar fashion:


“Taking a photo of this. *motions with burger* What’s it to you?”

Anyway, he looked away and that was that…until the old woman
opposite him said something that could not be interpreted as anything
but hostile, to which I replied “What’s your fucking problem?”, which
was well within my rights, because all I wanted was to dig into the
meal while the munchies caused by weed consumption was still there and
these exchanges are making my food cold. I don’t remember what she said
though, it was something derogatory about my photographic inclinations
but I don’t exactly remember the details due to the diazepam.
Benzodiazepines make me forget most details while under the influence.
I even forgot the wonderful visuals I got last night from the acid
until I happened to look at the piece of paper I wrote it on. It was so
nice and realistic that I urged myself to write it down even though I
was so sleepy (benzos) that I could barely drag myself to bed before
passing out. That God for that, I would have totally forgotten about
the nice visual if it wasn’t for that “offline trip journal” (read:
back of an envelope). Forgive me, I digress. Anyway, that didn’t get a
reply, but later on, I dropped the spoon for my Paradise Peach and the
woman said that I might as well take a photo of that as well. I told
her she could have the fucking spoon if she wanted it that much. Yes,
that was rude of me, but Jesus, can’t someone indulge his weed munchies
without random comments from strangers? I did not use flash (flash is
evil in close-up photography – it obliterates the details), so it’s not
like I disturbed them. If anything, I should be pissed at them for
*cough* diminishing my dining experience. Being elderly is not an
excuse to freely make comments without retribution. In retrospect, I
was being appropriately polite (admittedly benzo assisted) since my
reaction would be different if the list of ingested substances include
(meth)amphetamine. Anyway, there weren’t any more exchanges after that,
I went to get a new spoon and finished everything (except the
Filet-O-Fish – too full) in peace. 🙂

The fruits of my labor:

I ate everything except the Filet-O-Fish. Paradise Peach shown separately below.

Big Mac


McOz – Available only in Australia. It has beetroot, so watch out if you don’t like that stuff.

Customized McFlurry. It’s not officially on the menu, but you can ask
the staff to put anything you want inside. I usually go for an Oreo
McFlurry and ask for that strawberry sauce they usually put on top of
sundaes mixed into the blend. That tastes good.

Peach Paradise var. advertisement

Peach Paradise var. real

Yes, the real product never looks as good as the picture. 🙂

Nice cake base though.

Oh, and I’ll re-write the mini binge and put up those photos
tomorrow, I’ve got something important to do later. Thanks for your
patience! 🙂

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