Hard disk is back online (I hope)


I finally got a copy of Windows XP Pro w/ integrated Service Pack 1
today. RM 7 = A$3.50, usually things go for RM 5 though. Needless to
say, this is not a licensed copy. There seems to be a big crackdown on
“pirated” (unlicensed) VCDs, DVDs and CD-ROMs in Malaysia now, Sibu had
several raids yesterday but yeah, the shops all closed down before the
enforcement teams came. Happens all the time – information leakage. πŸ˜‰
It was business as usual today, so I grabbed a copy coz it seems that
Windows Me can’t detect NTFS formatted drives when it’s running on
FAT32 so I had to install Windows XP. The serials doesn’t work with
Windows Update too (only the Service Pack checks though), so I bought a
copy with an integrated SP1. The CD has a lot of er…”value added”
features as well, as is usual with these CDs, so this saved me a lot of
downloading with my slow dial-up connection. πŸ™‚


Anyway, long story short, I could access my hard disk again and all the photos in there, so I posted the Tribeadelic Winter Party post and photos
[sixthseal.com]. Now, there’s just one last long-due post (flight home)
I have in the backburner. I’ll write that tomorrow, I have to sleep
soon, it’s a Saturday night, but I’m having a very chilled out one
today. I have to wake up early tomorrow for this photo competition at
the Rejang Esplanade, it’s a photo shoot of the candidates of a local
beauty contest. I don’t think that’s the preferred term nowadays, but I
can’t think of an alternate name. Anyway, it’s 13 girls, bring your
camera, arrive before 8 am to register, come if you’re interested. I
don’t know the contest details, coz I’m just going to take photos to
post here anyway. Check back tomorrow if you’re interested in the
aesthetic offerings of Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. πŸ˜‰

P/S – I will reply the mails and comments tomorrow. I’m terribly
sorry about the delay, I’m tooooo sleepy right now (remind me to post
the recipe to the Nice and Relaxing Mug of Hot, Steaming Milo Sleep
Potion) and my 80 gig hard disk (containing ALL my photos) just made
this horrible clanging sound and I immediately shut down the PC and
took that hard disk out. I pray it’s not a head crash or something like
that, I don’t dare to plug it back in right now, it sounded really
terrible just now. I will put on my largest set of balls and plug it
back in tomorrow and if all goes well, I’ll transfer the photos to two
other hard disk (for contingency) and back them up to CDs ASAP. Curse
me and my tardy backup practices. Again, apologies for the lack of
feedback, your comments and mails are appreciated, I’ll get to them
tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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