Absolum + Space Tribe Live @ Dex Niteclub

This is a write-up of the Tribeadelic Winter Party at Dex on the 28th of June 2003.

I was pretty excited about the night since it’s the last rave I’ll
be going to before I head home for the night. Energy levels were rather
low at first due to sleep deprivation + a walk in South Yarra (Chapel
Street) in the afternoon, but that resolved itself later during the
night. πŸ˜‰ The night started out with a couple of drinks at Royal Derby
@ Brunswick with Jen’s sisters and one of their bf’s. Apologies, I can
hardly remember the night, much less names.

Liam, Adrian, Huai Bin (me) @ Derby

Jen’s sis’s bf, Jen’s sis, Jennifer (Not pictured: Jen’s sis #2)

Dex Niteclub (ex Billboards)

We headed down to Dex Nightclub at around 11:30 PM (all times are
approximate). This is the new Billboards (home of Hard Kandy on
Fridays) but I can’t exactly figure out the connection right now.

Dex bar area

It’s on different streets, and the renovated interior looks foreign, but the toilets are very familiar. I think
it’s at the old Billboards venue, and the two streets are connected,
just the entrance moved to a more accessible place (the other road). I
can’t say for sure though, until I pull out a map of CBD Melbourne.

The mark

Anyway, the metal detectors are gone (or so it seems), and the
security is very relaxed this time, no frisking or attitude from the
security guys. Very nice.

The arrival

The interior seems much more spacious and the sound system has definitely been upgraded. Nice lasers too. πŸ™‚

Chupa Chups dispenser

The chillout area has been integrated into the floor (around it) instead of in a separate side room.

The floor without flash

The floor with fast flash

The floor with slow flash

The floor with full flash

There is a new side room too, which was playing some other stuff,
but I mainly stayed in the main room where the headliners were playing
some awesome psy-trance and there was this monitor with trippy visuals


The music was amazing, great psy-trance from the likes of Absolum
and Space Tribe. I also remembered meeting this guy from the oztrance
forums (I think), very nice vibe.

Partial shot of us – taken at the same time as the previously posted blurry one, this one is clearer but not centered.

Details are a bit vague, but it was a great night, perfect last rave before I leave. πŸ™‚

Taken from the stage area – front of the crowd

Another one from the front

Another shot of us, unprepared

Everyone had a different idea of where the camera was actually at

I don’t remember his name, but a great guy nevertheless

The crowd – Reach for the lasers!

We left at around 6:30 am and arrived at halls at around 8 am. I had
to leave for the airport in 12 hours but despite additional sustenance,
I just had to sleep, which nearly made me late for my flight, but
that’s another story. Cheers to everyone from that night, it was
legendary. πŸ™‚

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