30 mg codeine and 10 mg dihydrocodeine OTC in Malaysia


Here’s a teaser photo. I was about to post about my acquisition of
this tablet today (uh, for my *cough* migraines you see) – it weights
in at a decidedly hefty 30 mg of codeine per pill, but I am really too
sleepy now. I promise the report will be up tomorrow, with plenty of
pictures (even the ones taken at the pharmacy, hehe! that lead to funny
conversation), so if you’re interested in things like this, come back
tomorrow codeine fans! πŸ™‚ I got two kinds, one with 400 mg APAP + a
nice 30 mg codeine and another with the usual obscene 500 mg APAP + a
meagre 10 mg of dihydrocodeine tartate (just for fun), and I’ll write
about that tomorrow. Disclaimer: I don’t mean I bought the
tablets for fun, I just mean I’ve never had dihydrocodeine before so
that’s why I got them as well. Nevertheless, I’ll post the report
tomorrow (not the trip report, the pharmacy run report – the trip
report will be up next time I…uh, have a migraine). Thanks and good
nite! πŸ™‚

Erowid Experience Report: Surviving Law Enforcement Interrogations – Drug War Interrogation by Alkaline [erowid.org]

If you’re involved in any drugs, you have GOT to read this…very,
very insightful article about dealing with the police. Er…the police
here does practise physical assult, the report was written in the US
but please read it if you have a love of chemical substances, it could
help you if you’re busted.


oopz, can you email me ASAP? I lost your email address during the hard disk crash. Thanks buddy!

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