Teochew Roasted Meat Flat Mee

Teochew Kampua Mee @ Central Market, Sibu

This is said to be the best kampua mee in Sibu. I went last night
with a couple of my buddies but I’ve been busy so I only posted it
today. This stall is on the second floor of Central Market and I’ve
been told it’s only open from 8 pm – 11 pm at night, except for
Sundays. 3 hours per day, and they have heaps of customers due to its
reputation so be prepared for a long wait. I think we had to wait more
than 30 minutes, which is a long time for kampua mee!

Teochew Kampua Mee (Plain)

Anyway, I thought it was okay, it’s good, but I’ve had better. :p I
had two bowls – one plain and one with soy sauce + chili sauce. The soy
sauce + chili sauce one is better, IMHO. The soup is great, I don’t
know what they put inside, but it’s different from the usual kam pua
soup. The meat is roasted (smoked?) pork, tastes slightly better than
the normal ones, but the noodles is helluva oily. The reason for the
long wait is not only coz of the many customers, but because they cook
each bowl separately, unlike other stalls who just chuck everything in.

Teochew Kampua Mee (Soy Sauce and Chili Sauce)

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