McDonald’s & Sega promotion – Sega mini handheld games – Knuckles Soccer

McDonald’s and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog mini game #2 – Knuckles Soccer



I got this back issue from the McDonald’s Sibu offer last Monday,
where they reintroduce the sold out games (only #2 Knuckles Soccer and
#3 Tails Sky Patrol, not #1 Sonic’s Speedway). It was supposed to go on
sale at exactly 12 noon and man, the place was packed! Everyone was
jostling, shouting around etc. and the staff finally had to resort to
giving out numbers, and I got Number 2. Heh. Anyway, after a long wait
and a lot of pushing around, we (me and gf, she was still in Sibu at
that time) walked out with two copies of Knuckles Soccer. Yay! The game
features Knuckles in front of a goal and you control him using the two
right-left buttons to guard the goal from incoming balls. Fun, but all
too easy to win again. The background has a wider variety of colors
compared to Tails Sky Patrol though – colorful. I couldn’t post it up
before because of my broken digicam (didn’t have photos). Why do I have
photos now? I’ll write about that in the next post, here are the photos
that I took:

The manual for Knuckles Soccer (scanned)

The front of Knuckles Soccer.

The back of Knuckles Soccer.

Knuckles Soccer in action!

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