The fish at Komplex Antarabangsa


This is a photo of the fish pond at the entrance of Komplex
Antarabangsa (next to where I work). I have been meaning to take a
photo of it ever since I realized that Kenanga International and
Komplex Antarabangsa is interconnected internally, but never got around
to doing it. I passed by today while going to the bank (and realizing
that my account balance is very low – I will not turn down any
voluntary donations ;)) to pay for my new domain registration and
hosting fees and took a photo, but unfortunately, the fishes do not
congregate the way they do in the mornings…there’s a lot more fishes
than the photo suggests.

Anyway, I have some Coldfusion + Fusebox stuff to do, so I’ll post
again tomorrow. I am pleased to announce that is going to
have a sister site, where veritas would post and I would host some of
my images (for load balancing – bandwidth bills are killing me). I
won’t reveal the domain yet, to allow it the 48 hours to propogate to
all the DNS servers, but the new site will go live on Friday! veritas
says he’s already got a good first post, so stay tuned! πŸ™‚

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