How I update my blog


This is the view from the break room window of my workplace. I
cannot take photos of the interior to avoid violating the non
disclosure agreement I signed.

We had a TGIF monthly meeting at my company last Friday and someone
raised the question about how I have the time to update my blog. Just
to make things clear, I DO NOT use company time to write. Since I don’t
have net access at home right now (going to Telekom now to sort that
out), I write the posts BEFORE going to work (usually at night) and do
post production on the photos then, so I just need to cut and paste and
click Publish on MT and I do that during lunch hour or in the mornings.
I have made short posts in real time though (like the cereal giveaway
one) and that just takes minutes, plus it was before working hours (I
came early). For the readers, this is only a temporary measure due to
my lack of net access, all posts will be real time (or as close to real
time as a blog can be) once I get my net connection up (probably a
couple of days, depending on how efficient Telekom Malaysia is).

I’m sorry I have been kinda neglecting the comments and daily visits
lately, my apologies, I have a lot of work to do and by the time I get
home it’s time to sleep. Anyway, that would get better once I have a
net connection, I will reply every comment and mail soon. Thanks for
your patience!

P/S – is expanding. New domain up within the week. πŸ™‚

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