Dragon fruit photos


Here are my photos of this fruit which has been previously been
mentioned by many other bloggers. I got a couple of this at the Bangsar
pasar malam (only open on Sundays) – AFAIK it goes for RM 1 each to RM
8 for 10. The interior looks like this:


The skin is peeled from above, it’s like a banana in that sense, no
need for knives or peelers. Here’s what dragon fruit looks like after a
couple of bites:

The inside of a “dragon fruit”.

Anyway, I have much work to do, will have to come in tomorrow as
well…my apologies, castitas.com is not launching anytime soon, there
are some legal issues I will have to check out before giving veritas
the green light to mass post his considerable backposts (all with
photos). Malaysia is not very friendly to recreational drug users, and
I heard during mid autumn’s eve dinner last night that I may be liable
for posts made on my site so until further notice, veritas would not be
posting…sorry about that, I have an ass to cover too.

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