Telekom Malaysia – very efficient one!


You know hor…I applied for a phone line some time ago and a scant
week later, some char bo called me and said my line is ready. Wah piang
eh, so fast, I thought needs months to apply for a phone line, but
apparently ah, here in KL it only takes one week! Yes, I don’t kid you
lah, it’s really that short. And hor, and hor…I had to call them
using my Digi Prepaid line to some 07 number to check my registration
status a couple of days ago.

Anyway, that girl ah, she’s like “tunggu ah, sebentar
lagi”…”tunggu ah” for so long. Na beh, she runs on a different time
scale than mine, her “sebentar lagi” equals RM 15+ in credit talk time.
I tell her…you call me back lar, but she “sebentar lagi, sebentar
lagi” onli. This Telekom service – best in Malaysia, I tell you!

NEwayz, I only got into a Kedai Telekom at that Raja Tulan road this
afternoon and they said “system down, cannot process order, banyak
soli”…wah lau, why like this one ah? But me also not gong one, I
said, I WILL WAIT TILL THE SYSTEM IS UP and I took one of their black
Hacks sweets from the courtesy jar and sat there for like 5 minute and
then they told me, oh can process order now. See…

So…after paying RM 135 to Telekom Malaysia Sendirian Berhad, I’m
waiting for the subcontractor to come and install a phone line to my
room (extra charge coz subcontracted out mah). Like this hor…once my
home line and ADSL is up, I can use the Apache httpd.conf file to
er…disallow (not ban hor, ban very pai tiah, it’s “disallow”) my
company firewall’s IP address to access and
can’t even access it myself when the IP is on the disallow list.

(shh…i tell you a secret ah, actually hor, no body said that lah,
it’s coz i want to keep my work life and private life seperate…dun
want people going through my site and think me and veritas is the same
person. aiyoh, how can people can think that, i also dunno lah…you
look at veritas, seem to have good ENGLEESH, talk like what, so CHEEM
while lim peh (lim peh = me in hokkien) doesn’t write like that. i can
barely write proper sentences, reli struggling already lah, much less
things like wat banzai banzo or bensoh that that veritas keeps on
saying…i dunno lar, we write so different, dunno how you guys can
make that mistake lar…really lah)

also, lim peh coming in to work tomorrow. yes, tomorrow sunday, i
know, but me got work to do and here got free coffee. (actually i just
want to escape from mass…sien lah, sit there for one hour and
half)..hehe! oh ya, if my gf is reading this, i’m kidding hor, i have a
monday deadline to meet so i have to work ya. i want to go church, very
fun, but got work lah, so sorry cannot…my mom tell me guys must
concentrate on career. i dun want to be si kin nah, so i listen to her

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