’s Mailbag (18/09/2003) – First Edition!

Photo taken on the bus while going back tonight.

This is going to be a new regular feature on now, so I
urge people who mail me to put “Private” or something along the lines
of that if you do not want your mail to be in the “’s
Mailbag” Thursday posts. Of course, I will exercise discresion on my
part, I would NOT be posting too personal emails or emails which I feel
would violate or compromise any of us in any way, but just to be
certain, make it clear if the lines are ambiguous.

Anyway, this will be up every week on Thursday night (so you can
read it on Fridays) – featuring 4-6 of the not too personal and usually
site related emails that either me or veritas get during the weekly
period and do not have time to reply. Of course, it will not run if
there’s not enough emails, but there usually would be…God knows I’ve
been Mr. Tardy in replying emails, I just don’t have the time with my
job, and I figured…my blog is rather public, so this would be in line
with that and by doing this, I can reply the mails and make a post at
the same time. πŸ˜‰

P/S – Due to the volume, I cannot post every single mail. My
apologies. It would usually be 4-6 mails with a new photo which is
somehow related to mail or contacts.

From: Azmyl (**********
Date: 18 Sep 2003 03:26:18
subject: Hi!

Hi there Huai Bin!

My friend Alex(‘technolahgy’ fella) referred me to your site(s)…very interesting stuff!
Very scholarly i must say (I hear you need donations?)…[Edit:
Deleted sentence to protect sender’s privacy.](I was in Perth and
Melbourne but now back here in KL). Hunter S. Thompson THE man.

Anyways, I play music (Alex is in a band with me) and i dunno whether
the samples on the site would complement these excursions but do check
it out ( and my solo stuff( .
Plus, there’s a gig this weekend in Damanasara (i’m playing drums for a
friend’s band called Ben’s Bitches, so do drop if
you’re free. I believe you’re acquainted with Grace? I’m not sure if
she’s going but do mail me back so i can mail ya the details.


Azmyl Yunor

Huai Bin: Hello, thanks for your kind compliments. I might
drop by if it’s close to where I live, barring the statistically
unlikely event where my gf and another two of my housemates win a
contest which will take us all to Genting. Where is the venue?
Anyone who’s in the area, go and check them out!

From: Mike (********
Date: 16 Sep 2003 04:24:52
Subject: You’re awesome.

I read your reports on doctor shopping. Funny shit. All the shrinks in my
area are complete benzophobes. If I’m lucky, I’ll get five or ten .5 Ativan
once and once only, so I have to hit the GP’s. I found an Angel in town that
whipped out the script pad and gave me 90 .5 Xanax with 2 refills. Holy
shit. I almost couldn’t contain my composuer. On my way to the pharmacy I
had one of the fucking biggest fucking grins on my face, but I killed it
before heading in to get it filled. Problem is now both pharmacies in my
hamlet have my insurance info and catch me red handed if I refill too early,
so I have a script for 90 .5s with no refills and a empty bottle with one
refill of the same until I can get to an out-of-town pharmacy. I’m seeing a
new GP this week and I’m aiming for Klonopin. Hopefully, the pharms will
dish this out despite the Xanax since its used as an anti-convulsant. I’m
also on Lamictal for mood stablization, but it’s really an anti-seizure drug,
so it might look good. Some tips I learned:

DO’s have more education than MD’s. They try to treat “the whole person” and
are genreally more approachable. Kiss their asses and let them know this in
a dumbed down way. “I’ve always preferred DOs (Hell pronounce it life the
verb “do”) than MD’s.

Feigned ignorance is always bliss. My favorite line when the doc mentions
Xanax is “Uhh, I don’t have heartburn. Hurrrr.” (Zantac, heh)

If the doctor mentions an antidepressant, tell him you’ve tried it already and
haven’t had luck with it. Same goes for BuSpar or those horrid
anti-psychotics everyone seems to dish out these days.

Have you tried online pharmacies from Mexico? I’ve heard success stories from
a lot of people, but I always have this mental image of the DEA kicking in my
door and throwing my ass in the slammer.

Good luck in your future benzo quests.

veritas: I’ve had the same problem lately…doctors have been
stingy with the benzodiazepines, but I’ve found one today that was
quite happy to script me whatever I wanted. πŸ™‚ Regarding online
pharmacies, I wouldn’t dare risk it in Malaysia. IIANM, US citizens are
allowed a 3 month supply from online pharmacies though so it’s worth a
try. Good luck!

P/S – Yeah, I can relate to that big ass fucking grin you get when you pull off a big one. πŸ˜‰

From: S & P Lee (****
Date: 18 Sep 2003 12:45:21
Subject: Howdy

Nice website! Interesting to read your “story” about yourself.
Sounds like you are on the right track to success in life. Keep it up!

Just for your information, I finished Form 5 in Methodist Secondary
in 1974 – you can figure out how old I am. At the time, we could not do
half of what you have done.

Best wishes,

Patrick Lee

Huai Bin: It’s always good to hear from someone from Sibu and even better to hear from one from the same alma mater. πŸ™‚

From: Olivia Tay (******
Date: 16 Sep 2003 03:59:14
Subject: Hi…

Dear Huai Bing,

Hey, i think this is really a surprise for u…. u still remember me,
Olivia Tay from Sibu too? We were once Sunday School mate and i’m from
SMB Methodist too… I dunno whether u remember me or not, but it was
really a coincidence tat i found ur cool website from the net while i
was surfing the net for my assignment…..hahaha…. funny eh?!

Well, it’s really a nice website u got there and i din know u like to take photo πŸ™‚

And i also saw Karen’s birthday photos too….she’s still the same if
compare to the last time i saw her….haha…. plz send my regards to
her if she’s still there πŸ™‚ thanx.

Anyway, won’t talk much… Jus hope u remember me….haha…. if can πŸ˜›

Take care!

And all the best

Olivia Tay
(regards from Johor, Malaysia)

Huai Bin: Yeah! I remember you from Sunday School back at
Wesley Church, what a coincidence. πŸ™‚ It’s great to hear from someone
back in the days, wanted to email you back but at the time I was
working through this rather thick functional specifications document
that was tying me up at work. I will reply properly this weekend.

Mail of the Week:

From: Nancy (********
Date: 17 Sep 2003 21:05:01
Subject: Your self

I found your site by accident while researching a narcotic that my primary care doctor gave me for pain. (Talwin).
Just had to send a note to express my admiration for your writing. I feel like I am reading a really neat novel as I read it.

I am a grown -up which gives me the excuse to say to you,
please be very careful with your remarkable self. Your thinking, your
perspective, your mind-blowing wisdom and insight make you a really
valuable person. (Sorry, but the truth is that some people do seem to
have more value than others. Nonetheless, I feel guilty about the way I
always value those with high intellect over those who have been given
other gifts.) There is so much you can do with your life given your
obvious intellect and talents.
Enough! Keep on truckin’ (an expression from the 60’s when I was young)

veritas: It is mails like this that makes me put up with all the shit that I get for being veritas. Thanks, Nancy!

So what do you think of this “’s Mailbag” feature?
Good? Bad? Gross violation of an unwritten rule of privacy? Comments
would be appreciated.

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