Nestle Fitness Promotional Giveaway @ Kenanga International, KL


I saw this Nestle Fitness cereal promotion going on at the ground
floor of Kenanga International (office building where I work) when I
came in this morning. There were two girls giving away cereal – got
them to pose for a photo, my apologies for the quality – I used force
flash to avoid motion blur.


The cereal they were giving out for free – Nestle Fitness and a
“Save RM 1.00 with a purchase of Nestle Fitness, Nestle Almond Clusters
or Nestle Banana-Nut Clusters” coupon.


Here’s a close up of the Nestle Fitness cereal.


I ate it with Horlicks, couldn’t find milk in the office kitchen.
What does it taste like? Cornflakes, but then everything tastes like
cornflakes to me.

Thanks for the comments on my piece of art in the previous post. ;) I have to start work now, will reply later ya.

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80 thoughts on “Nestle Fitness Promotional Giveaway @ Kenanga International, KL

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