Aero (Jalan Sultan Ismail)

Aero Restaurant

This is Aero Restaurant & Lounge at the corner of Jalan Sultan
Ismail and Jalan Raja Chulan. The place has a strong emphasis on
windows and transparency and I’ve always been intriuged by the design
of the place whenever I happen to pass by.

The distinctive orange stripes of Aero.

Aero’s bar area.

This is a shot of Aero’s interior.

Aero opens at 12 pm for lunch and the crowd doesn’t seem to be
particularly big…in fact there wasn’t even a crowd in the true sense
of the word. There was an expariate type dining alone at a table in
front of a TV and a couple in their late 30s in the table beside us.
There seems to be some construction work going on though – perhaps for
a revamp of the interior. The menu was rather limited, it spans a
meagre 3 pages and did not offer the wide range of choices expected.
Their food has been refered to as “Modern European” or “Fusion”. I did
not have the chance to sample their main dishes though due to time

Chicken salad. The peppers were grinded on the spot into the dish.

Chocolate cake.

What is lunch without a martini?

This is drink with bits of apple floating on it.

I don’t know what this is…

Dessert – some cocktail with a heavy Cognac presence.

The food @ Aero.

Aero has good service (which isn’t unexpected as the waiter to table
ratio was 2:1 by the end of lunch) and a nice ambience – it overlooks a
busy intersection in the heart of KL through large glass windows. I
didn’t find their food especially delicious though, but it was okay.
The drinks were better. πŸ˜‰

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