I can’t believe it’s not sushi!


This is a photo of a chef preparing sushi at Genki Sushi today.
Well, he’s assistant chef but anyway, the most important question
is…er, I forgot. Anyway, I ate at Genki Sushi today with a friend and
the photos will be up tomorrow and I will have to reply the comments
tomorrow during lunch hour too. I’m sorry, I’ve been saying this in
most of the recent posts, and it must be getting old.

However, I realized that tomorrow is Thursday and I’m flying to
Melbourne on Friday and I’ve not done all the things that I need to do
yet! There literally a shitload of things to arrange (the least of
which is the fact that I don’t have a “clean” bag and my laundry would
not be ready by Friday if the rain continues) before I go over and I
have to work on Friday, so everything has to be done by tomorrow (won’t
be sleeping then) so I can come back to work on Friday, pick up my
bags, take a taxi to KL Sentral and take the KLIA Express to KLIA. My
plane leaves at 9:20 pm (wtf, I thought it was a midnight flight) and I
finish work at 5:30 pm.

Bets on whether I make that flight or not comes with odds of 3:1,
and I’ve taken too many leaves so I don’t think I can take another one
on Friday without finding myself on the unemployment line. πŸ˜‰ I don’t
know, I’ll ask just for the sake of asking. Wish me luck ya, and
someone hire me if I get fired. :p

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