Stage exit left, regurgitate


Greetings! My apologies for the lack of updates, I was sick (no,
really). It started on Friday morning when I ate some noodles with
sotong by the roadside for breakfast which made me projectile vomit for
the rest of the day…seriously, I couldn’t keep even fluids down,
despite my best attempts, and my best attempt can be a good one,
considering the things I’ve had and held down in the past. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, was absolutely knackered for the rest of the day, but
still worked nevertheless, like the productive employee I am. Heh. I
didn’t want to call it quits and take an MC because these things “build
character” or so I’m told, so I subjected myself to a day of frequent
trips to the bathroom for regurgitation. This makes two dubious quasi
“character building” events in the past week, the first being the
hypothermia (my mind was convinced anyway) incident. More about that

Back to being knackered, I finally decided to see a doctor at around
5 pm (coz being dehydrated sucks) and said I’ll be back. That’s not a
good time to go to a doctor because the clinics usually close around
that time. Thus, it was back to work and I practically had to crawl
back to Bangsar after work. It was seriously that bad, somehow food
poisoning and the subsequent hourly regurgitation and stomach cramps
tires you like nothing else. It felt much worse than multiple day
*cough* runs without food, that was how bad it was.

Anyway, got to Bangsar, crawled (a manly crawl, mind you) into the
nearest clinic and got an IM injection, a much appreciated anti-emetic
which stopped all thoughts of throwing up within 20 minutes, and I ate
a bun and slept for 17 hours and felt perfectly fine today, and went to
work and went to BB and came back and now I’m writing this. I will be
posting the Melbourne convo series soon, please entertain yourself by
looking at this in the meantime:



It’s a Christmas present from Lee Qeuh (I think – the signature is
hard to read) from the company Christmas dinner that I couldn’t attend
because I was in Melbourne at that time. There was an exchange of gifts
scheduled, I didn’t know what I gave though, since I didn’t have time
on the Friday I was about to leave so Rozana (my friend from work who
sits beside me) got a present for me by proxy instead.

Please stand by, the much delayed Melbourne series is coming right up…

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