Shall we dance?


I did it. Like all big decisions it has left me thinking about
whether it was the right thing to do. I’m not so sure really, but I
like to think that “No remorse, no regrets” and “Hard to port, steady
as she goes” are good phrases to live by. Contrary to the image I like
to portray, I’m really an emotional sucker at heart and I do have
“feelings”, strange at it may sound. I do “miss” people and places,
even though the feelings may or may not be reciprocated. Plus, the
bottle of hand shampoo hardly even got used.

I am not exactly sober right now though (not anything illegal, mind
you, just my script and good old neurotoxic but legal ethanol) so
everything I say is just me talking out of my ass. Forget I said
anything. Big boys don’t cry and all that.

Hey ho, let’s go! πŸ™‚

Oh yeah, the photo above was taken earlier today, at Suria KLCC
center court. I’ll be celebrating Chinese New Year this year for a
change, it’s been a while and we only live that long so every new year
is a good chance to get all (emotionally) touchy feely with the
extended family and friends back home.

Now what the fuck did you just say young man? Put that bottle of vodka down and keep in mind that Xanax is not candy.

Excuse me.

Let’s dance…

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