Oooh quick!

Oooh quick quick let’s cover up the stupid previous post with blurry
out of focus pics of a slug crawling up the kitchen sink. Quick before
someone sees it!!! Quick, they’re coming and reading , quick add pics
cover up cover up coz ppl dun read anything but the first one on top
anyway. Cepat!!!~~ quick lar

A snail crawled up my sink just now. He didn’t have a shell, so that makes him a slug.

He looks around, puzzled. He spots my digicam!

He ignores it and moves along.

Thanks for visiting, don’t read the post below, have a nice day and come back again (later).

No, actually, I kinda squashed the slug to make him pose for the final photo just now.

I slug, you slug, we all slug for ice slug!

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