Lau Siong Pork Leg Rice

lau siong pork rice

This is Lau Siong Pork Leg Rice at Yam Seak Cafe in Padungan. They
serve pork leg rice as their main feature and also has chicken, duck
and curry rice.

lau siong proprioters

This is a photo of the proprietors preparing (chopping up basically)
your order. I was there for lunch just now. My apologies for the
underexposed photo – there was a strong backlight and using flash would
just show the people and wash out the food details at the back.

my pork leg rice

Here’s my order. Lau Siong Pork Leg Rice serves three sauces with
every order. There is the standard black sauce that the pork leg is
cooked in, a curry that’s REALLY good when it’s hot and belacan.

pork leg rice closeup

A closer look at the dish – there’s the sliced up pork leg, some
intestines, and BBQ chicken. It’s alright, but my favorite pork leg
rice is this home cooked stall near the place I stay. Does anyone know
of a better pork leg rice stall in Kuching?

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