Matang Family Park

matang family park

Matang Family Park is about 15 – 20 minutes drive from Kuching town.
We went to Phase 2, which has BBQ facilities and more importantly –
clean and crystal clear natural cold water. It’s great for nullifying
Sunday comedowns from whatever the fuck you were doing (or consuming)
on Saturday night. Doctor’s orders. πŸ˜‰


Matang Family Park is a multiple phase recreational park which
includes a wildlife park, but we just went there to soak in the water
and get acquainted with nature. It costs RM 3 for entry (adults). It is
officially open till 6:00 PM in the evening, but don’t worry about it.
Just get in before the closing time and you can stay as long as you
want after that.

matang pools

This part has a long, cold running river which isn’t going through
the normal sand bottom…the bottom of the river is covered by rocks
and stones. The slippery feeling of the water smoothed stones as you
walk down is unparalleled.

matang pool

The pools are all rather shallow – coming up to 1 meter at best.
However, it’s still a nice place to soak. The deepest one is at the
bottom of the river, though the water seems colder upstream.

matang waterfall

There are multiple small pools with mini waterfalls all around.
Naturally, it would be better to be upstream in cases like this. πŸ˜‰
However, the water here is much cleaner than places like Ranchan.
Here’s a couple of photos from Matang Family Park:

crystal clear water
Crystal clear water…you can see the stones at the bottom of the river.

matang us
L-R: Ah Lung (blue and black swimming trunks), Miriam (blue top), me (black underwear).

miriam chicken rice
We tapau some Singapore Chicken Rice to eat there…nothing beats eating chicken rice while soaking in water.

waterfall us
The feeling of lying down while water runs over you is indescribable…

matang rocks
There are some rather large rocks to navigate to go upstream, but nothing too challenging.

sixthseal was here. It took a while to scrape that one with a piece of stone into granite.

There’s nothing like soaking in cool natural pools, feeling the
running water wash over you while you look up to a canopy of tropical
trees and hear the sounds of the wild – the mating calls of birds,
insects chirping and cries from beasts unknown while blissfully sedated.


bliss view
This is the view I’m seeing.

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