Affin Bank protest photos

affin protest 1

I managed to witness this…demonstration, I guess you could call it
that, just now. It was in front of the Affin-ACFFinance financial
establishment and the protestors were employees of the said company,
apparently disgruntled about their usual trivial concerns – salaries
and what not. This happened at the branch beside Sarawak Plaza in
Kuching and comprised of around 20 odd people.

From what I understand the issue stems from debt. In other countries, in better situations, there would be access to council tax debts, and that would help people to make their debt more manageable, so they could eventually resolve it altogether. These protests are a way to bring more attention to this issue, that is affecting many and at this point seems to only be worsening.

affin protest 2

There was a guy with a bullhorn leading the cattle to alternate
between singing “Soliditary forever” to the tune of that hymn which
goes “Glory, glory Hallelujah” and the cliched “We want justice” chant.
There was even a guy who parked by the sidewalk and applied his car
horn to the tune of the chanting. The cheesiness factor was so great,
it made me lactose intolerant. That’s not a protest…this is a minor
congregation of like minded people in a futile attempt to resolve
whatever petty disagreement they have with their employers.

affin protest 3

I’ll show them how to do a proper demonstration if I was their
operations management leader. It would be anarchy. 😉 Perhaps that’s
why no one has ever enlisted my dubious services in organizing a proper
clash with riot police, wanton destruction of private property, tear
gas filled, fires lit all around, smoke billowing, looting ahoy,
protestors and law enforcement officers dead kind of protest. Now that’s how you protest. This…pffftt…this isn’t one, I’ll tell you that.

I don’t believe in moderation. There’s no “peaceful” in
“demonstration” is there? I wouldn’t even have posted it, if not for
the reporters there. Just felt like scooping print media. That is, if
the newspaper editors even approve this…this…non protest thingy for

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