The questionable appeal of hotel washrooms

hilton toilet

I have always wondered about the appeal of hotel washroom
facilities. There seem to be a subculture of people who favors upscale
hotel washroom facilities for their various restroom needs. These are
people who are willing to travel a considerable distance just to use
their favorite hotel’s toilet facilities. There are even people who are
partial to a particular stall.

hilton excursion

I’ve been brought along (not entirely against my consent) many times
along these excursions, both in Sibu and Kuching. Yesterday night, one
of my friends, who is a regular at Hilton, drove quite a distance just
to take a dump there. He’s so well known there that he claims the
people there know him by sight. He goes every morning, without fail, to
sit on Hilton’s porcelain throne. Personally, I don’t see the appeal.
I’ll do it in my own washroom any day.

hilton kuching

Incidentally, I’m going to Hilton later for a meeting (work related, mind).

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