Kuching bloggers meet @ Hot Seat

hot seat padungan

Fina organized a Kuching bloggers meet today at 7:30 PM at Hot Seat,
Jalan Padungan. I’m not the most sober person on the planet right now,
but I’ll try to do a write-up of what I remembered. She picked me up at
around 6:45 PM and we went to pick up Dee before heading to Hot Seat.
There were some bloggers there already, here’s the list of attendees:

Syarfina [syarfina.com]
Dee [blogspot.com]
Huai Bin (me)
Wena [mum-mum.info]
Joyce [livejournal.com]
Georgette (Tarlia) [xercix.com]
Aida [blogdrive.com]
Lisa [blogdrive.com]
Mac [blogspot.com]
and the two non-bloggers – Raya Aida and Melvin.
There’s a group shot at the end of this post.

hot seat interior

The interior of the place was nicely decorated with tapestries and one of those oil lights on every table.

hot seat oil lamp

Nice. I had three plates of food, though I didn’t eat the rice of
one of them due to it being bland (plain rice) compared to the other
dishes. I also had two glasses of 100 Plus and dessert – I was
pre-loading for the weekend warrior thing. πŸ˜‰

aqua find nemo
Aqua Find Nemo
Deep fried dory with batter
Served with potato chips and coleslaw

aqua find nemo cut

It’s a generous piece of fish and I love the decorative fish made
with various sauces on the side. It seems to be a signature of this
eating establishment – most dishes come with this edible decoration.
It’s made with thousand island for the outlines and some mint based
sauce for the green bits and I believe the red bits are some sort of
sweet chili or some fruit preserve. Highly recommended!

Sauteed with chicken, green veggie, shrimp, onion and chili paste
served with egg pan cake, deep fried chicken wing and crackers.

gothika cut

It’s one of their specialty rice dishes. I found it tasty, very much
so that the third main dish I ordered paled in comparison with its
plain rice.

hot seat satay
Satay chicken/beef/lamb served with steamed rice

hot seat rice

This is one of the off-menu items, recommended by Wena, the person
to ask if you want to know what’s good in Kuching. The satay was great,
the plain rice was…er, plain.

hot fried ice cream
Deep fried ice cream

hot fried ice cream cut

This is the deep fried ice cream I had for dessert, also recommended by Wena.

Mine came with yam ice cream, most of us ordered this, some came in different flavors of ice cream.

hot seat kid

We also got acquainted with one of the proprietors (?) son/daughter. πŸ˜‰

I had a great time talking with all the Kuching bloggers, most of
which I’m not familiar with, with the exception of Wena, Dee, and
Joyce. Introductions were made and business cards were exchanged.
Unfortunately, I had to leave early at 9:30 PM to meet up with a friend
at Riverside for some brief but urgent issues, so I had to excuse
myself. It’s good to put a face to the people behind the blogs though.
It was fun, and I’m looking forward to the next Kuching blogger’s meet
– some people couldn’t make it today.

kch bloggers
L-R: Huai Bin (me), Dee, Aida, Lisa, Mac (holding the Kuching bloggers sign), Georgette (Tarlia), Joyce, Fina and Wena.
Not pictured: Raya Aida and Melvin.

Cheers everyone!

P/S – Please don’t disclose where I live. :p

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