Treasure chest

treasure chest

A mysterious ancient treasure chest in the middle of nowhere! I
wonder what lies within! I did not get to find out though coz I’m
afraid of spiders and I have a feeling that the chest is likely to
contain several specimens of the larger kind. :p

Anyway, a good piece of news semi related to treasure is that I’ve
just been told by my CTO that my salary will be permanently increased
by 10%. This makes my base salary RM 2,200 effective immediately. πŸ™‚
However, this means that I’ll have to shoulder more responsibility and
now I’m developing a custom software for the company, which is due in
two weeks, just in time for our first exhibition and a road show a
couple of days after that. I’m starting to bring back work to meet that
deadline, which results in less personal time, but hey, I don’t really
mind. RM 200 would be enough to cover my VPS (Virtual Private Server)
costs, so I can factor that out of my budget. =D

Another piece of good news is that one of my co-workers have invited
me to come along to his longhouse for Gawai celebrations, so I’ll be
indulging in copious amounts of alcohol, as is the tradition of the
harvest festival here. πŸ™‚ They have this locally brewed wine called
tuak, which is nothing to sniff at – it has a high proof alcohol
content. Debauchery awaits!

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