How to drill without making a mess

clean drilling

I have just witnessed this wonderful synergy of common devices to
avoid making a mess while drilling. Some people came in to drill some
mounts in one side of my wall. What mounts? I’ll tell you very soon, we
have a press release coming up and also several exhibitions so I can’t
exactly keep under wraps the field I’m working in.

Anyway, this entry feels rather forced, I feel much more comfortable
venting in my quit drugs blog. That’s…that’s what a blog’s supposed
to be!

Catharsis for the soul.

Not entertainment for the masses.

Jesus, I have deluded myself for so long.

Home, sweet home, the journal for my progress.

I actually enjoy writing in that…I feel like I’m just talking to
someone who’s listening, instead of feeling pressured to entertain…

I think I’ll blog more there.

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