Jolin in Kuching – will pay money for photos of me

I saw more than a couple of people with digicams and video cameras
in Jolin’s concert tonight. I will pay you if you have photos or videos
of the guy in the red shirt who was on stage. Email me at for arrangements.

jolin photo request

I’m asking coz I just went and all I got was this lousy photo of the
crowd before I was told digicams are not allowed on stage. I’m kicking
myself now for not making the first shot a close up of Jolin. I’ll
write a post in detail later, but basically I was on stage but an
organizer told me that digicams are not allowed on stage. I started to
argue with her, and then another organizer came over and I think he was
trying to gently “escort” a troublesome person off the stage so I
relinquished my photographic opportunity since I wanted to see Jolin up
close. πŸ˜‰

I kindly asked the first organizer (who suggested to keep my digicam
for me until after the contest) to take a photo of me, but she said she
couldn’t do that. (insert sincere_apologies.jpg from images)

Thus, I don’t have photos of myself with Jolin Tsai. I will be
willing to pay someone who can offer me the photos in question. I am
the one in the red t-shirt.

Concert ticket: RM 10
Bribing the girl in front to give up her prime spot: RM 50
Getting up close and personal with Jolin Tsai: Priceless

There are some things in life Mastercard can’t buy…for everything else, there’s Ringgit Malaysia. πŸ˜‰

That was the best RM 50 I spent!

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