Fansign from Lainie

lainie fansign

This is Lainie
[], one of the more interesting bloggers out there. You
can’t read an entry without seeing the words “Nessa” and “Daphne”, not
that it’s a bad thing, mind. πŸ˜‰ One of the blogs I actually enjoy
reading, her exploits rivals the best of anyone’s, but some entries are
private only. My favorite thing to do over there is to steer the
conversation towards something else. The digression of today is

Thanks for the photo, Lainie! You look great!


lainie sign 1

lainie sign 2

lainie sign 3

This is the permalink:
Lainie loves [].

lainie cat

Just in time too, I didn’t feel like writing today. πŸ˜‰

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  1. That morning they had been into the tiny seaside town to the south of the power station to buy coal. They had to stop at a garage to ask for directions to the local coal merchant, which turned out to be an ordinary-looking, semi-detached house in a side road. Robert rang the bell. An elderly woman opened the door to him and together they disappeared around the back of the house. A few minutes later Robert reappeared struggling with two bags of coal and Vanessa got out to open the boot. The old woman followed Robert down the path.


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