I’m a freak!

joliz unisex saloon

I just got my hair cut really, really short. It’s funny how the
definition of short changes over time. This was how I used to keep my
hair, until the decision to keep it long was made. Anyway, I went to
Joliz Unisex Hair Saloon, no particular reason, it was just the first
one I saw who had a hairstylist that didn’t hurt the eyes too much
*cough* so I just went in and told them I wanted to get my hair cut by
her (points at aesthetically pleasing hairstylist).

Anyway, here’s a video of me before getting my hair cut:

pre haircut

Pre-cutting session [sixthseal.com]

The video is just me showing my lower lip length hair, the longest
I’ve ever had. That’s a longan iced drink to the bottom left of the

I know that the lighting conditions are rather unfavorable, my
apologies for the quality, I didn’t realize I had a lighting preset on
in the recording function.

This is me, in the final stages of the haircut, with short hair:

haircut done

Final stages of haircut [sixthseal.com]

She’s making the final touches and applying gel. I have to add that
this establishment is very big on the comfort of its customers in
providing pillow rests, depending on which hairstylist you go for. πŸ˜‰

The haircut just cost RM 5.

joliz me helen

This is me and the hairstylist Ellen (or Helen). She’s not Chinese
as I first assumed, and she looks much better in real life than in this
blurry photo (taken by the proprietor).

I miss my old hair…

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