McDonald’s Crispy Prawn Burger and Prawn Wrappers

mcd new wave menu

McDonald’s is having two new items on its New Wave Menu – Crispy Prawn Burger and Prawn Wrappers makes up the New Wave Prawn Menu.

mcd prawn burger

It sounds like the New Tastes Menu concept in McDonald’s, Australia.
I’ve had the fish items already so this time I went for the new prawn
offerings. They can be ordered separately or as part of a McValue Meal.

mcd prawn wrapper

The prawn wrappers are also available at the discounted price of RM
2.95 when ordered with each meal, though this comes in a 4 piece set
instead of the regular 6 piece set.

crispy prawn burger

This is the crispy prawn burger. It’s actually surprisingly good. I
was expecting a prawn patty inside a bun, and technically, that was
what it was, but it tasted better than I expected.

prawn burger

Here’s a close up of the McDonald’s Crispy Prawn Burger. It’s made
with real prawns, or at least, it tasted like prawns were used, you
never know with the advances in the food flavor industry nowadays. Note
the pieces of green inside the soft burger prawn patty – they actually
have veggies inside, a nice attention to detail.

The lettuce was fresh and crispy and I loved the bun it came in – very nice, recommended!

mcdonalds prawn wrappers

This is the prawn wrappers. It’s the regular 6 piece set and it comes with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce.

6prawn wrappers

Here’s a look inside the box.

prawn wrapper dipping

I didn’t like the sauce though – it overwhelmed the prawn’s taste.

prawn wrapper closeup

Here’s the close-up of the McDonald’s Prawn Wrappers. Its individual
prawns dipped in batter and deep fried to perfection. The batter didn’t
overwhelm the prawns and the insides were warm but still moist while
the tail end of the prawn was crispy enough that you could eat it!

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