Strange snacks

strange korean candy

Strange snacks always seem to be around every time I come home. This
one is apparently a Korean candy of some sort, featuring several cute

strange korean char

I was expecting it to taste bad but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was delicious!

strange korean ball

It all contains a round ball of something I can’t identify, but it
has sorbet like properties in the middle and chewy gum (edible)
covering it. I can’t describe the taste with anything except –

strange jelly

This is a decidedly gay looking jelly. I don’t know who bought it, but no one ate it, so I did. It’s jelly, no surprises here.

strange fruit marsh car

There is also a snack dubbed Fruit Vehicle Marsh Mallow and it comes
in a shape of a car, the package that is. I had wondered what the
unholy fusion of fruit and marshmallows would taste like…

strange fruit marsh

…and the answer is good.

strange choc shrooms box

This one features tantalizingly suggestive chocolate covered (magic?) mushrooms.

strange choc shrooms open

I had high expectations for this one (no pun intended). I opened one pack with anticipation.

strange choc shrooms

I was let down by the taste (it tasted stale, to be honest) but the
presentation was wonderful. There’s an articulate piece of chocolate in
the shape of a mushroom cap, with the details, attached to a biscuit

strange snacks

Strange snacks indeed…

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