KFC Satay Burger

kfc satay burger

KFC Satay Burger is a newly launched product – the latest burger
from the KFC fast food franchise, targeted at local market tastes. I
like the satay fan image behind the logo, it represents the fan satay
sellers use to manually fan the hot charcoal in the past, but they use
auto fans for that nowadays…it’s a trip down nostalgia lane.

satay burger combo cup

I couldn’t resist reviewing something like this of course, so I went
for the KFC Satay burger combo meal. It comes with a free KFC tumbler
and I had the red one. The KFC Satay combo meal comprises of:

1 KFC Satay Burger
1 Potato Wedges (4pcs)
1 Carbonated drink (R)
1 Cool Cup
(available in 4 cool colors)

Hey, don’t look at me like that. I wasn’t the one who wrote it. ;)

satay burger combo

This is what the KFC Satay Combo Meal looks like. I should explain
what satay sauce is at this point – it’s a peanut based sauce, with
predominantly sweet flavors and is used to complement satay, which is
meat skewed on sticks. The satay burger from KFC only retains the satay
sauce and cucumbers as the topping.

kfc satay burger wrapper

The Satay Burger comes in its own wrapping; the easy cone shaped
wrapper that has become the de facto standard nowadays – eat without
getting your hands dirty! You can think of satay sauce as chunky peanut
butter with a less creamy texture and with a saltier aftertaste to it.
It tastes better than it sounds.

satay burger cone

Now, we come to the meat of the matter (excuse the pun). The Satay
burger is basically a Zinger with satay sauce and cucumbers on it.
Honestly, I heard the KFC supervisor on duty say that. :) The cucumber
slices are nice and crisp and I like how the satay sauce tastes like,
although it seems to confuse itself with sambal sometimes.

satay burger messy

It looks kinda messy, but it tastes great.

…and you get a free KFC water tumbler to boot. Mine is red. What’s yours? ;)

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