Tadas from Coca-Cola, Japan

tadas coke

Tadas is one of Coca-Cola (Japan) product lines. The Japanese
Coca-Cola seems to have a larger portfolio of drinks and they’re nicely
packaged in a very unique 300 ml aluminum bottle for RM 6.99 each. It
seems that this novel aluminum bottle is common in Japan, as they are
other offerings in the same form factor, all by the Coke drinks line.

tadas cap coke

Tadas is one of them, and there are others in the same packaging as
well, like the Fanta! Grape drink and one mineral water (Aquarius –
also in the aluminum bottle form factor), amongst other things. I found
this Japanese import to be very appealing, due to the all aluminum
bottle (not can, bottle) casing.

tadas drink coke

It contains 300 ml of liquid instead of the usual 325 ml in a can.
Tadas tastes like what an isotonic (otherwise known as sports) drink
tastes like – nothing special, it’s slightly bubbly and thirst
quenching. It’s just the intriguing aluminum bottle form factor that
got me – interesting Japanese import for RM 6.99.

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