magenta door

Magenta is the premier restaurant in Kuching, nestled in a private
alcove off a little side street. This eating establishment has been in
operation for about a year, and it has a reputation for fine dining.

magenta entrance

The private car park leads up to a cozy wooden structure, all very
nicely decorated in a subtle yet elegant manner, nothing loud or
vociferous here.


Subtlety is the key in Magenta. Elegance and subtlety.

magenta buddha

The ambience inside is very warm, with ample space between the
various seating arrangements and a waiter waiting to greet you at the
door. Excellent service all the way, I was very impressed.

magenta ambience

The other thing I like is that Magenta does not pack the area with
tables and chairs for maximum profit like other eating establishments
out there, but leaves ample room between tables. The decor is nicely
done too…it exudes a feeling of warm appreciation.

magenta mango beer

I had a mango smoothie which was very thick and they don’t skimp on
the fruits. We also had several rounds of this foreign beer I can’t
remember. It’s RM 15 but the beer really pampers your taste buds with
after notes of honey.

magenta prawn tail
Spit-roasted Soy-marinated Prawn Tail on roasted Red Pepper & Garlic Coulis (RM 20)

This is the starter dish that we shared. Actually, we just ate from
everyone’s plate so that we could try everything. The prawn tail is
good, but it’s nothing to write home about.

magenta linguini
Linguine with Seafood in a White Wine sauce with Garlic, Chilli and Cilantro (RM 26)

The linguine is one of our mains – it’s excellent, the pasta is done
al dente, with generous portions of mussels, squid, cuttlefish and
prawns. The dish is sprinkled with oregano, a nice touch and what seems
to be the signature of the chef here.

magenta orecchiette
Orecchiette with Tomatoes, Prawns and Parmesan Cheese (RM 25)

This Puglian pasta dish looks simple, but it tastes very good. It
has a nice home-cooked Italian flavor and the sauce and grated Parmesan
cheese works very well with it. Jesus, I’m starting to get pretentious
in my food reviews. ;)

magenta duck leg
Duck Leg Confit & Shredded Duck Breast with Honey Wine Jus and Creamy Tagliatelle Pasta (RM 46)

This duck leg confit is recommended by the chef…and I was
certainly not disappointed. It’s a great main course, the duck is
cooked well and retains its natural flavors. The duck leg portion is
generous too and it does not have the rubbery texture of badly done
duck. Highly recommended!

magenta us

Magenta is a great place for fine dining and the food is great. The
chef comes out at times to speak with the patrons and the service is
excellent – right from the start where the waiter unfolds the serviette
for you to the generous allowance they provide the patrons (we were
rather boisterous). The bill came up to RM 200+ and it’s well worth it
for a place of this magnitude. Magenta gets two thumbs up from me – I
haven’t seen a better fine dining place in Kuching.

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