cilipadi review


This is cilipadi – a place that serves mainly Malay food. We went
there for lunch since I’ve never been here before. The place serves
Malay style fried rice as its flagship dish. There are a wide variety
of different variants and styles of cooking to choose from.

cilipadi suffian

This is Nasi Goreng Kampung. It’s described as “Spicy fried
rice with egg, prawn, vegetables, and chicken. Sufian ordered this dish
and it tastes good – spicy and nice.

cilipadi elvinna

This is Seafood Claypot Rice. It’s served in a clay pot and
came piping hot. The infused flavors are excellent and they don’t skimp
on the seafood. Elvinna’s order – this is the best dish that I tasted
during lunch.

cilipadi hb

This is Nasi Aruk. I ordered this one and it’s described as
Sarawak style fried rice with egg, prawn, vegetables and chicken. It
tasted less spicy than Sufian but it has a hint of other spices in it.
It came with a sunny side up egg, half done, just the way I like it.

cilipadi robyn

This is Belacan Fried Rice which Robyn ordered. It’s fried
rice with “prawn paste” (that’s belacan), egg, chicken, squid, prawn
and green vegetables. The belacan is good, it always goes well with
fried rice.

cilipadi huygens
L-R: Sufian, Robyn, Huai Bin (me) and Elvinna.

cilipadi menu

cilipadi – the name is derived from the small chilies which
diminutive nature will surprise you with the intensity of the hot
chilli. It’s a great place for lunch.

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